Letter to the Editor: Trinity College Democrats

This past week, several disparaging flyers featuring images of members of the Churchill Institute and Club were distributed on campus and on social media. We are deeply troubled by the individual targeting of students by members of the opposition to the Churchill Club. While we remain opposed to the approval of the Churchill Club, we condemn the public attack on individual members of Churchill Club. Attacking individuals is not conducive to an open dialogue about the origins and impact of the Churchill Club, which is where our opposition to this organization lies.

Regarding this attack specifically, we recently posted a photo on our official Instagram account in support of the “Militant Students” movement. Obviously, we had no idea at the time that this group would step so far out of bounds in their actions. We are not aligned with this organization, nor do we support their recent tactics. As a result, we have removed this post from our account. We cannot emphasize enough that this act was not a coordinated effort among the opposition to Churchill’s approval. Rather than personal attacks, we encourage those opposed to this group to engage in a rigorous and impassioned dialogue in disapproval of this group. To this end, we enjoin all members of the Trinity Community to oppose the Churchill Club, but in a way that is non-threatening to all involved.

Trinity College Democrats

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