2019 Audio Recommendations for AirPod Users

Liz Foster ’22
Arts Editor

Like any other person who succumbs to peer pressure and the pursuit of materialistic satisfaction, I bought Apple’s newest toy: the elusive AirPods. Two weeks later I’ve concluded a few songs slap in AirPods like no other.

“Rage” by Rico Nasty:  “Rage” is Rico Nasty’s fiery lead single off of her fourth mixtape Rage and packs an auditory punch. The gnarling guitar blasts under Rico’s feverishly rapping and yelling, literally. Moments in the track are underscored by the rapper’s screams in the background that switch from ear to ear as her flow conquers the phenomenal beats Kenny Beats has laid out. The production on this song is compelling, filled with a variety of instrumental layers that produce a genuinely complex track.
“Fweaky” by Miley Cyrus: “Fweaky” is a sexy, somber deep cut off of Miley Cyrus’ genuinely slept on “crazy days” mixtape Miley Cyrus and her Dead Petz. Miley’s voice croons over a delicate, trappy ballad by Ear Drummer’s label head Mike-WiLL-Made-It. For a song out of a time period characterized by Miley’s full departure from Disney into a weed smoking, party loving hippie, it’s surprisingly melancholy. Reflecting on a relationship filled with drugs and now sex, “Fweaky” reverberates like a drunken lullaby.
“STARGAZING” by Travis Scott: The Astroworld hit resounds in headphones like few other songs. This song is basically already in 8D audio, an impressive feat. The deep bass vibrates under booming claps and Travis’ auto tuned singing. The LSD laced song floats through your head, swirling between the ears like a trippy dream.
“M’$” by A$AP Rocky feat. Lil’ Wayne:  “One time for A$AP Yams” calls out Lil Wayne on the opening of this absolute banger of two of the 21st Century rap’s biggest names. Rocky snaps over murky, fuzzy beats that pound through the skull like you just chugged a Monster. The chorus soothes into a repetitive “Make ‘em talk about M’$” before Wayne jumps on the beat, providing the exact excellence we’ve come to expect from the New Orleans legend. The song is an orchestral mix of two of the most iconic faces of the genre putting their all into a sonically captivating force.

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