2024 Spring Weekend to be Held in Trinity’s Underground Tunnels

Groove Guru ’26

Tunnel Traveller

Trinity College’s annual spring weekend is sure to be an unforgettable experience this year because for the first time ever, the concert will be held in Trinity’s underground tunnels. 

The infamous tunnels run below Seabury and Jarvis hall, and although those buildings are most definitely haunted, several students have been eager to locate the tunnels. However, their efforts have thus far proven unsuccessful because throughout the year the tunnels remain closed off to students and are only open to the selected few who dare to venture there (or know someone who lives in Jarvis). But it’s official – the tunnels will be exclusively open during the entire spring weekend. Although spring weekend has historically been held at Koeppel Community Sports Center or on the LSC quad, we have been informed that due to budgeting issues, Barnyard’s funds were cut short and thus will have no above ground performances moving forward. Being underground will make for a cozy, intimate scene, and Barnyard advises students to be patient as they navigate the small space. There will also be no room for excessive movement, so keep your dancing to a minimum. For those who are claustrophobic, we suggest you sit this one out. 

In order to be granted access to this special performance, students have been instructed to enter through the chapel and find their way to the roof. Once you have arrived at the top, there will be staff equipped to bring you safely down the long, hideous yellow slide alongside the chapel. Because this yellow slide has been on the chapel for such a long time, we’re ensured it is safe to slide down for everyone. Refusal to slide down will prevent you from being able to attend the concert. After sliding down you can expect to land softly on a padded mattress underground. Once underground, make your way west towards the entrance of the tunnels. You will know when you have arrived. There are no phones or electronic devices allowed into the concert and all students will be forced to sign an NDA guaranteeing that they will never share information about the tunnels to anyone. Despite me writing an entire piece on them, Trinity’s tunnels are meant to remain secret and failure to keep them secret will result in consequences. This year’s spring weekend is a once in a lifetime chance to venture below Trinity’s grounds, don’t miss out!

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