Details Matter and Other Poems by Sara Barrett ’21

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Details Matter

The squashed but still squirming cockroach 

lies in the corner lit by an iridescent 

light that flickers whenever the toilet flushes.

Scum ridden clay tiles cradle

his brown crepe paper exoskeleton—

a frigid embrace.

Nowhere to fly off to, no one

to exterminate his suffering—

his wispy breath echoes 

through the abandoned dust filming

the spider web stretched over him, 

somehow safe from the hay fingers

of the janitor’s broom. What do you 

think: should we pay him more attention—

pin dot eyes searching for relief, 

small waiving feelers twisted,

and translucent wings cracked—

or simply throw him away?

Hospitable Aunt: Necessities Only

Rice paper skin stretched

thin over supplement fed bones 

contains a fiery spirit. 

Bow-kneed legs adorned

in sweatpants jive 

around her immaculate kitchen—

always barefoot

unless the dark grained slabs

were frigid. 

Shale grey wool socks adore

the toes

they so rarely embrace.

Political opinions and Lennon’s lyrics

spew from tight 

bubble gum lips;

and every dinner’s finale 

never receives an encore,

but a “mwa mwa…kiss kiss;

please leave.”

To which my grandma

responds: “it’s too hot

here and the chicken

was dry. I was going

home now anyways.”

Their eyes roll,

and my grandpa silently thinks

Crap, I created another one.

Screen It


when phones buzz, friend or foe—

who knows. Notify me.

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