Get Off of Tik Tok and Watch An Autumnal Movie You Heathens!

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Caroline Richards ’22

Features Editor

It’s officially October, y’all. And per my last article, yes, it is ideal running weather. But it’s also movie season… Alas, the complex dualities of life. Truly though there’s nothing like procrastinating your many academic tasks with a movie with autumnal undertones. Something about the way Hollywood dresses their actors for Fall. Matt Damon and Chris Evans in cable-knit sweaters. Saoirse Ronan and Michelle Pfeiffer in burnt leaf tones. Then the obvious fact that it’s cold out. Movies are always better in the Fall, personal opinion or known fact? Regardless, here are some of my (and KGH’s) favorite movies to watch during Fall. Cozy up in your twin XL with some M&M cookies you pillaged from Mather. Or pile into your common room, limited couch space and all, with your dinghy Target mugs and LED lights set to red. Make cave popcorn in your over-enthusiastically-heated Crescent kitchen. Invite your crush over? Do with these suggestions what you will.  

  1. Dead Poets Society; Obvious. New England boarding school on a lake? Name a better Fall setting than that. Plus, Robin Williams (RIP) and poetic undertones? Romantic. Tragic. Impecable costumes, impecable message. You might cry. You might start reading Longfellow. Be open to both.  
  1. E.T.; Come onnnnnn. It’s so good. It’s so wholesome. It’s so meta? What is friendship? What does it mean to transcend differences? What do we as a society value? Take a hint from E.T. It’s Spielberg at his best. Overall heartwarmer.  
  1. Good Will Hunting; It’s got it all. Boston in Fall, Boston accents, Harvard, an underdog, the line “how you like them apples?”, romance, camaraderie, BOTH Afflecks (for better or for worse). Robin Williams again. It’s feel good. Maybe it’ll teach you a lesson about expressing your emotions properly… @men.   
  1. Knives Out; CABLEKNITS. DRAMA. POLITICAL COMMENTARY. UNDERDOGS. LEGAL JARGIN. CHRIS EVANS. Very good directing. Very good script. Very good message. Lots of beautiful trees?  
  1. Little Women; Whether it’s the original with Winona and Chrstian or the Greta Gerwig remake with Saoirse and Timothee, the costumes, the setting, the general hatred for Amy… let’s talk about it. This is a movie prone to starting fun, little arguments. In the best way. Unrequited love? Perfect for cuffing season.  
  1. Coraline; This movie scarred me as a child and continues to scar me. Does not help that for a week in fourth grade everyone called me Coraline because they knew it freaked me out. So kind of them? Still, really beautifully made and even if it’s creepy it’s a good Fall watch pre-Halloween. Never will I look at black buttons the same.  
  1. Rushmore; Wes Anderson, we love him. Max is one of my favorite cinematic characters. It’s also generally hilarious. So many good one liners. Bill Murray shines. Who’s going to start a Trinity Beekeeping Club? Get it trending.   
  1. Ghostbusters; Honestly one of the few movies that pulls off horror-comedy. It’s mainly able to do so because of the cast. Has Bill Murray made a bad movie? Let me know. Ghosts. Gargoyles. Gallivants through New York. Very good date movie.  
  1. The Shining; Stephen King is one f*****d up dude. Honestly where does he come up with this sh*t? Creepy. Disturbing. Lots of long hallway scenes. Lots of running through snow that will make you feel like you’re in a panic dream. 11/10 likelihood of making you double-check your bathroom door lock.  

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