Heather Zusman ’16 features art exhibit

With only one semester left in her college career at Trinity, Heather Zusman ’16, wants to go out with a bang. She is graduating early in December and is finishing up an art installment for part of her portfolio. She will showcase her art at the Mill, a group on campus that she has been a part of for three years; she became a member her freshman year and gallery manager her sophomore year. Look out for “Sitting with Nuudles” on Friday, October 2nd from 7-9pm.
As an Art History major, along with a double minor in Architectural Studies and Studio Arts, Zusman is developing her senior thesis based on the Swiss-French architect, Le Corbusier. As her final product, she fabricated chairs of various bright colors. She is focusing specifically on his interiors—the color palettes he used, the furniture he designed, and the overall energy he provided throughout his spaces.
The material that Zusman used in creating these chairs are called Magic Nuudles. Her inspiration behind using these Magic Nuudles came from the memories she made while doing community service over this past summer. She volunteered at the Chuck Jones Center for Creativity in California, where she worked with many patients with symptoms in the early stages of Parkinson’s disease.
Arts and crafts was a regular part of the patients’ routines at the Chuck Jones Center for Creativity, as it helped build their cognitive skills. Zusman and patients worked on artistic projects; one of them was making animals or other structures using Magic Nuudles. Magic Nuudles are little pieces of brightly colored Styrofoam that stick together. Zusman wanted to incorporate these Magic Nuudles into her seven different chairs; she ordered 20,000 pieces and has used about 8,000 just on three chairs alone.
These life-size chairs will be exhibited at the Mill (79 Vernon Street) on Friday, October 2nd from 7-9pm. This solo exhibition will be open to the public, so please go and check it out!

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