Liz’s Weekly Bangers: Throwbacks and Such Edition

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Liz Foster ’22

Bits & Pieces Editor

“Give ‘Em Hell Kid” by My Chemical Romance

My Chemical Romance’s sophomore Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge defies the all too common “sophomore slump” that follows an artist’s debut. The New Jersey band defined the emo genre of the 2000s, embodying the spirit of the era ruled by Warped Tour and Projekt Revolution. The song opens with a sexy bassline before guitars Frank Iero and Ray Toro descend into a fury of guitars. “If you were here, I’d never have a fear,” sings Gerard Way as he laments the album’s story of star-crossed, doomed lovers. “Give ‘Em Hell Kid” is a classic, angsty jam that will have you ready to throw on some eyeliner and black skinny jeans.

“Anxious” by Numl6ck

Numl6ck’s “anxious,” produced by victrxw, is a spritely, retro-future bop musing on the repetitive thoughts of its titular affliction. The song, quite literally, beeps and boops with glitchy whistles over a loop that can only be described as “vibey as hell.” He quickly laments over synths and keys that bounce along throughout “anxious.” He squeezes in a bar about running up on someone and popping them with a pistol moments after mumbling, “I ain’t playing like Nintendo,” crossing nostalgia with swag à la South Florida rapper Ski Mask the Slump God. Sonically, the track calls to mind an Animal Crossing soundtrack, only emphasis the cheeky gaming references that are peppered throughout.

“I Eat Salads Now” by Sidney Gish

The worst part of turning 21 is no longer being ably to fully relate to the line, “I’m 20, washed up already and all I want to do is sit,” on Sidney Gish’s delightful “I Eat Salads Now.”  The charming tune is off of her equally lovely LP No Dogs Allowed, a collection of indie jams perfect for summer. She reflects on the plaguing feeling of growing up while poking fun at herself. “Bitch I’m wasted, just kidding I’m high,” she sings as a tongue-in-cheek allusion to burnout from her career. This relatable record is sure to find itself on loop in your music library.

“Pac Girl” by Coi Leray

Last week, I praised Coi Leray’s newest hit “BIG PURRR.” This week, I offer another smash song from the rapper. She dominates the track, bludgeoning her competitors in fiery bursts with brags like “I don’t do no drama I sit pretty like a bad bitch.” Her energy is infectious, creating the perfect vibe for a joy ride, working out, or reaffirming that you’re just as cool as you think you are.

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