Murals and Art Bring Life to Trinity’s Library 

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by Linnea Mayo ’26

Arts & Entertainment Editor

If you’ve ventured to the first-floor corner of the library, chances are you have encountered the striking new mural. On April 12, 2024, The Library and Information Technology Services, the Sustainability Office and Nest Artists co-hosted the Seed Library & Mural Opening Celebration to display the newest library mural. 

The mural was collaboratively created by Charlie Taing ’25, Otis Klawans’ 25, Claire Hu ’24, Ruiyi Xing ’25 and Sharon Chen ’26. When speaking with his professor, Taing noticed a problem with Trinity. “We go to a liberal arts school and there is a lack of art,” explained Taing. In order to change this, Nest Artists has been encouraged to make changes such as creating murals or sculptures around campus. As president of Nest Artists this year, Taing proposed the idea of another library mural to Trinity College librarian Christina Bleyer in August over email. Bleyer has helped curate many of the spaces and murals within the library. She suggested the location of the blank wall near the library’s newly established seed library to bring more attention and engagement to it after noticing that not many stop by this area of the library. What began as a vision of flowers and planting led Taing to bring these visions to life. As the ideas became more fleshed out, Taing envisioned he wanted to incorporate a fairy reading into the piece, which eventually became the staple of the design.  

After this vision came into place, it revealed what he needed to do. After many versions and personal input from his friends, Taing designated Earth Day as their deadline. The group got to work after spring break and completed the piece by April. Since its completion, the group has transformed the first floor into a wonderful art space. 

“Even though the fairy was originally my idea, I couldn’t have done it without all of my friends and their input,” said Taing.

Throughout the process, the artists remained very intentional about the permanence and publicity of the mural. With a mission of getting more people to actually stay in this area rather than walk past and be more inclined to see what the space is about, the group certainly succeeded.

“I’ve seen a couple people browse through the seed catalog now, and I think that could be attributed to the fact that we made this mural. It started the conversation of people coming to this area,” said Taing.

The permanent nature of the artwork like murals plays a vital role in establishing an artistic presence within the campus environment. “Even though I’m a digital artist, painting this mural made me realize if I want more permanence in this world of art. I want to continue that exploration of physical media and physical drawing,” said Taing. 

With Hartford artist Micaela Levesque also working on a mural in the basement library, Trinity is sure to become more artistic in the coming years.

“You can definitely sense that the future of this library is going to be more colorful and artistic. Compared to what my professor told me my freshman year about how there is no art on campus, I think people will realize that there one day will be,” said Taing. 

Nest Artists looks forward to continuing to collaborate with the library and other Trinity spaces for future art projects. Next time you’re in need of a study break stop by the seed bank to catch a glimpse of their new art.

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