Rumors Spark Regarding the Return of Experimental Hip Hop Band Death Grips

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Jules Bourbeau ‘25

Arts Editor

Experimental hip-hop group Death Grips has always been creative with their album release announcements, often communicating only through cryptic suggestions. It is no wonder that despite—or perhaps precisely because of—the band’s declaration of their 2015 record, The Powers That B, as their final, fans have eagerly awaited more clues in the hopes of deciphering a precious snippet of new information.

It seems that the frenzied predictions may now be coming closer than they ever have in the past seven years. On September 4th, Death Grips’ official website added a small piece of text to the upper lefthand corner of the page reading “9/21/22” before immediately reverting the update just hours later. A Reddit user with the highly dignified name “fartsmoker470” was the first to notice the new development—or at least the first to publicly document it. Momentarily forgetting the disappointment of previous fake-out hints, many fans immediately jumped to the conclusion that this meant that Death Grips would break their long hiatus with a new album coming out September 21st, 2022.

Of course, others remained skeptical. The date could simply indicate some sort of announcement as opposed to a full-on release, or, less optimistically, it could mean absolutely nothing at all. The most cynical fans even suggested that someone had hacked the website in the hopes of causing a commotion or garnering some attention. For now, no one conjecture holds any more weight than any other. No one will know until September 21st finally arrives. Will one of the most boundary-breaking and innovative hip hop acts break their seven year long silence? Or will the prophesied date come and go without so much as a word from the band? We remain in limbo.

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