Space Camp and Bat House Rock at The Mill

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The Mill provided a fun and fresh Friday night concert with Connecticut-based non-binary industrial metal band Space Camp and Boston indie-rock quartet Bat House.
Space Camp opened with a literal bang as they lled the tiny venue with their chaotic, rebellious sound and undeniably genderqueer presence. Their merchandise table offered free ear plugs to cope with the decibel level. Space Camp added an un- expected twist to industri- al metal with the addition of a trombone, which was featured in several of their songs. Their latest album, Force Femmed, came out in July 2017.
Bat House provides vibes and sounds more familiar to Mill regulars as their grooving, lyrical songs provided dancers the opportunities to twist and sway. With their guitar and vocals, Bat House occupied the liminal spaces between psychedelic post-rock and more upbeat indie styles. Most recently, in October 2017, Bat House released an Audiotree Live album. Listening to an album on your phone or computer certainly is not the same as being at a concert yourself, but by listening to this live recording, you can hear the way they sound in one take.

In spite of their definitively different styles, Bat House and Space Camp both hail from New En- gland. Space Camp is from South Windsor, less than half an hour away from Trinity; and Bat House is from Boston. The Mill provides an excellent space for local, low-profile bands to reach an enthusiastic audience of college students.
The attitude last Friday was infectiously enthusiastic as Bantams poured in from the Tree House’s Flannel Formal or stopped in to chat in between sets. Everyone was energized and excited to see each other in the first weekend since Trinity Days after a three-day school week. This concert provided a fun and care-free way to jam out and dance the night away.
To hear their music (and maybe buy their awesome albums on vinyl or pick up a funky tee-shirt) check out Space Camp CT at and on Facebook, and Bat House at bathouse, on Facebook, and @bathouseband on Instagram.
The Mill’s next concert will be this Saturday, March 3 at 10:00 p.m., featuring indie rock outfit The Get Money Squad and Trinity band High Noon.
Indie rock band Bat House.

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