Students showcase music videos this coming Thursday

Earlier this year a small group of students got the music video production experience of a lifetime when Professor Justin Francis came to film at Trinity. A highly regarded Hollywood music video director, who has worked with many artists including Carly Rae Jepsen, B.o.B., Santana, and Pharrell, Francis has been serving as a v isiting professor in the film studies department for the past term. The music video production class he teaches gives students the opportunity to create and bring to life their own music video, featuring a local band or student group.
Set to “If You Wanna,” by the Vaccines, Francis work closely with students to help them come up with a theme for video shoot and also pushed students to develop a filming strategy: despite their best laid plans, a freak early October snow storm put the entire shoot on hold. Fortunately, the groups resilience pushed them to finish, despite the outdoor shoot being on a below freezing day. The final product was edited by Francis, but was filmed with the help of an all Trinity crew and features student actors from the basic acting class, as well as enthusiasts. I even got in on the fun and starred as annoyed church-goer number one. While I never imagined myself acting, I could tell instantly it was the role I was born to play.
The music videos produced by both the students and also Francis will be shown this Thursday, Oct. 10 at 6:30 p.m. in Vernon Social. For those interested in film or music, this will be a great experience to mingle with those in the film study department and learn from those who did produced a video first hand just what it takes to pull off a production of this scale. Students interested in learning about upcoming opportunities in the film studies department are invited to like Trinity FAME on Facebook or may contact me directly.

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