The Mill presents Charly Bliss and Trinity’s KST

Amidst the commotion of midterms, it is important for students to unwind and take a break from their rigorous workloads. The Mill, at 79 Vernon Street, is known for providing a stress-free place to kick back and relax on the weekends. This weekend in particular, the Mill is hosting a New York City band named Charly Bliss along with Trinity’s own new band, KST.
KST, a generally upbeat rock-and-roll band, formed over the summer while the band members were working around the Hartford area. They had a good amount of free time, which naturally led to the band getting together and producing music. KST consists of Henry Minot ’17, on bass and vocals, Ted Ballenger ’17, on guitar and vocals, Zac Garber ’16, on guitar and vocals, and Alex Rusbarsky ’18, on drums and vocals.
Rusbarsky described the band as generating “cosmic sounds,” while Garber said they produce “mellow jams.” At the Mill on Saturday, Nov. 7th, from 10pm-12:30am, you can find KST opening for the New York University band Charly Bliss. Charly Bliss has a strong female vocalist with and categorizes themselves under the “bubblegrunge” genre. At the concert, KST will be performing half cover songs—which will be upbeat and catchy— and half original songs, which the members believe have a “chill” sound. When asked about their audience, Minot said that their sound will likely attract the youth. Minot notes that he “does not tell elderly they cannot listen, but will not encourage them to listen.”
The members of the band all have different musical influences, such as Twin Peaks, Kurt Vile, Mac De Marco, Primus, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Wilco, and the Grateful Dead, and The Strokes. Along with their favorite inspiring musicians, there is also inspiration behind the name of the band. KST comes from Julius Caesar’s final words to Marcus Brutus: “Kai Su Teknon.” KST can be found on Facebook under the name “KST,” which will also be linked to the Facebook event for Saturday night at the Mill.
This will be KST’s first time performing live, and it will take place indoors on the stage of the Mill—a place that the band members are very familiar with. KST wants people to come out, have a good time, sing along, and make decent decisions on a Saturday night. The band is also in the process of booking gigs around local bars, including the Tap, so look out for them! They will be dropping a mix tape fairly soon, and it is said to be fire.

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