The Return of Liz’s Weekly Bangers: April Edition

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Liz Foster ’22

Bits & Pieces Editor

BIG PURR (Prrd) by Coi Leray ft. Pooh Shiesty

“BIG PURR” circulated around the Tik Tok-verse weeks before its release at the end of March with a deliciously infectious snippet of its chorus that hears Coi Leray sing “He call me big purr/come make that pussy purr,” before Pooh Sheisty hops in as the production kicks it up a notch with extra snares over the simplistic keys. This song may singlehandedly defeat gender inequality as Leray raps about leaving a man after they sleep together and Sheisty brags about how his “SRT make her get wet,” before making a pun on hellcats and female genitalia. The duo are raucous, perfectly complementing each other’s energy during the song. “BIG PURR” miraculously fits a plethora of playlist genres from pregame bangers to shower tunes to girl boss anthems. Simply put, it does not miss.

Vampire Girl by Jonathan Richman

Godfather of Punk Jonathan Richman strays from harsher noise in this alluring 1995 tune about loving women who resemble creatures of the night. “Woah, I get so intrigued when they look like a vampire girl,” he sings whilst strumming a folksy acoustic guitar. Richman sounds as though he’s telling a tale around a campfire, producing a charming effect. He questions, “is she in heaven? Is she in hell?” about his desired “evil girl.”

Dance Yrself Clean by LCD Soundsystem

“Dance Yrself Clean,” now over a decade old, is more liminal space than music. Akin to Dexys Midnight Runners’ “Come On Eileen,” the song is timeless, crossing years of time and successfully appealing to listeners. It’s a snapshot of 3:00 A.M. on a Saturday, an indie “SICKO MODE” that sonically switches halfway through, booming into an emotional cacophony that asks the listener to wait ““Wait until the weekend/and we can make our bad dreams come true.” LCD Soundsystem create a universe of their own within the lengthy nine-minutes of “Dance Yrself Clean.”

Mallwhore Freestyle by Bladee

The Stockholm-based collective Drain Gang have earned themselves a divisive reputation among critics and casual listeners alike. Bladee, a Swedish trap-hyper-pop rapper, linked with lo-fi legend and Sad Boys member Yung Lean in the early 2010s and the rest is history. “Mallwhore Freestyle” is one of the artist’s more digestible songs, a whirring, glitchy track that features an autotuned voice crooning, “I’m a mallwhore, and my Prada’s look like Tom Ford,” before later whispering how he smells like weed in the Prada store. It’s a braggy, tongue-in-cheek freestyle that will have you ready to drop a rack at Dior before Bladee finishes the song with a boast about his founding Drain Gang does not miss.

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