“The Saddest Truths” and Other Poems by Diante Dancy ’21

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The Saddest Truths

Here I write the saddest truths.

Like many of us will be history’s

Greatest individuals, but in our

Lifetime – we will be alone with

The blues stars and the moon.

Here I write the saddest truths


I loved her, and she loved the

Idea of me – I would cherish her,

But I wasn’t enough, and

so… she didn’t keep my love.

The heart beats along every piano

note and even after death, nobody

will ever understand. 

Here I write the saddest truths. 

That’s all I do – all that I sacrifice, I 

won’t be cherished until I die, and

even than I will still do all I can

– sacrifice all that I have.

Oh God Why Do You Call Me

Oh Lord, in all that my eye’s view

I see demons;

They stare at me soulless,

And their mouths dry like they never ate,

I’m sure they have their reasons. 

And I sit on a scorched ground 

That is now washed away by rain,

And yet you call on me in the mist of

Shadows like Abel’s blood,

and you call on me while my anger is 

that of Cain.

What good can an abandoned man do

And what good will it be to return? 

This I don’t understand

This I wish I knew. 


The past is dead

And the human beings

That risk their lives, 

Their reputations, 

And even who they were

Are now soils in their graves. 

The lessons, 

the present has come to learn,

are now imbedded in our growing knowledge

Should it be dead?

History should be appreciated

But it should not carry on its cycles

And so, we owe it to ourselves to ask…

We continue these legacies at what price?

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