Theory meets application in new videography course

Trinity’s course catalogue has long offered a diverse array of classes, each with the common goal of trying to blend theory and application. This year, the film program at Trinity created a class aimed at teaching not only the creative theory behind designing a music video, but also real-world application, by giving students the chance to produce a music video, directed by highly regarded Los Angeles based music video director and photographer Justin Francis. Over the years, Professor Francis has worked with some of the music industry’s biggest stars, and now he has turned his attention to working with talent right here at Trinity.
This weekend, Professor Francis will host a crash-course workshop with the goal of training Trinity students as crewmembers for the music video shoot scheduled for the following day. This film workshop and music video shoot will serve as a living, breathing example for students in the class. For the past few weeks, the students have been preparing their own ideas for a music video, which they will bring to fruition later this semester. It has been Professor Francis’ goal to teach students not only to appreciate music videos as both a medium and art form, but also methods of pitching their vision to others. Additionally, he has tried to share tips about how to “best approach [one’s] ideas” and bring them to reality.
While Professor Francis received formal training from the New York University, he says that he feels there was “lots [he] didn’t learn” about how to actually produce a music video. He hopes that students in this course will take away an experience that will enable them to distill both an appreciation of the art form as well as an understanding of what is need for a successful production into coherent, current knowledge of the industry.
The connection between Professor Francis and Trinity goes back decades. His uncle, Professor David Ahlgren, was a professor at Trinity for thirty years, and even served as chair of the Engineering Department. Professor Francis fondly reflected back on his time visiting Trinity’s campus to see his uncle who served as a “father-figure” in his life. Surely his brief but busy visit to Trinity this weekend will be both work and fun, with a bit of nostalgia thrown in.
As for the shoot this Sunday, “hopefully it goes great,” says Professor Francis, but even in the event it does not, students will be able to take away vast amounts of knowledge for their own shoots. Anyone interested in being in the video should go to the casting call this Wednesday, Oct. 14 in Terrace Room A between 7-9pm.

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