Trinity College Voted the Eighth Most-Instagrammable Campus in the United States by KTLA

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Bella Chirkis ’27

Staff Writer

In a recent study, KTLA, a Los Angeles television station, conducted research to analyze the United States highest rated universities based on how many times they have been hashtagged on Instagram. Regarding popular campus life and attractive buildings, Trinity College finds itself ranked as #8 on this highly regarded list of Top 10. Trinity includes 327,699 hashtags under #trinitycollege. Other campuses include the number one ranking of University of California, Los Angeles with 1,874,172 hashtags under #ucla, as well as Harvard University with 1,138,099 hashtags under #harvard and Yale University with 573,590 under #yale.

The online appeal of a college can play a valuable role in the application process and overall reputation of the school. It’s no surprise that the wide appeal and gothic style buildings around campus makes Trinity “Instagrammable.” The historical aspects of the campus that inhabits our students brings beautiful architecture that is appealing to the eye, and therefore the aesthetics of Instagram.

The school’s architecture dates all the way back to 1878, when Trinity College moved to its current location— the second college in the state of Connecticut. In 1824, Trinity moved to its first college campus, consisting of two Greek Revival Style buildings. The foundation of these buildings were kept in order to give our campus the appealing historical look that it has.

In 2008, Trinity was completely renovated. This renovation improved the classrooms, faculty offices and the student suite-style rooms with more modern, state-of-the-art amenities. However, while the renovation also included the Long Walk, it preserved the historic and architectural integrity of the three main buildings on campus, Seabury, Jarvis and the Northam Towers. These buildings continue to remain a staple to Trinity.

Looking at a definition of “Instagrammable,” it’s typically defined as having a photo that is attractive or interesting enough to be suitable for photographing and posting. It is easy to see why Trinity’s campus is heavily posted and hashtagged on the internet. Specifically regarding architecture on Instagram, the more aesthetically pleasing the Instagram post is, theoretically the more popular the post will be. As a result, users of the platform make a vast effort to capture the most unique backdrops and angles that they can find, often with the aim of capturing something special. Trinity College’s campus fits this definition feasibly.

Trinity’s location in New England also draws many benefits to the physical appeal of our campus. You’ll often find students taking photos around campus, especially along Trinity’s historical long walk. The photos students take are brought upon having the ability to experience all four seasons during the short duration of the school year, which brings benefits upon how photogenic our campus is in general. When the seasons change and the peak fall leaves in the background of the Library or the freshly fallen snow around our Chapel, there are many places to take gorgeous photos of both the architecture of our campus and its seasons.

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