Tripod Slappers: Alt Songs You Can Run To?

Caroline Richards ’22  


We are entering ideal outdoor running weather, ladies and gentlemen. It’s the three weeks of Fall (if we’re lucky) when the weather balances precariously between the low seventies and high sixties. It’s when no one knows whether to dress for summer or fall anymore and no one owns enough long-sleeved t-shirts so everyone gets creative. It’s also when Ferris, that godforsaken place, starts to finally cool off so you can run a little longer on the treadmill without feeling as though you’re trekking across the Gobi desert in cargo pants and a ski jacket. Anyways, even though I’m a terrible runner I’m excited and I hope you are too. Here’s some music to try out or add to your running playlists if you feel inclined. Listen to them as you fast walk between classes, or to coffee runs at Peter B’s. If you’re running late I hope they put an extra pep in your step.  

Social Cues by Cage the Elephant; underrated song from their most recent album that has both excellent vocals and headbanging drums. Very drama.  

Dope on a Rope by The Growlers; I love The Growlers and this is one of my favorite songs by them. I get fixing a car vibes?  

Medicine by Dayglow; every member of Dayglow is a maincharacter, and they’ll make you feel like one too. Soul-soothing-pause-to-dance-in-crescent-parking-lot energy.  

Suckers Prayer by The Decemberists; The Decemberists were really made for this weather, it’s funky by lyrically reticent of Tom Petty. Physically you’re running but mentally you’re singing along at a tailgate.  

Valentine by DIIV; DIIV is one of my favorite bands right now. Put this one at the beginning of your playlist and you will ascend. You won’t be able to run without it. Alien car chase? It’ll make sense. 

Whiteout by Warpaint; just really f***ing good. There’s nothing else quite like it. Also a good breakup song?  

Knee Socks by Arctic Monkeys; loud electric guitar and Alex Turner roaring in your ears. You’ll run faster, and you’ll feel hot doing it, I promise.  

It’s Real by Real Estate; Real Estate is very good, and very rarely misses. Yes, we all might die eventually but this song will remind you that the sun is shining and you’re happy to be alive.  

OK by Wallows; I love Wallows, we all love Wallows. If you don’t love Wallows, you should probably start loving Wallows. I sometimes involuntarily start to sing this song mid-run and then ruin my pacing, but alas.  

L.I.N.E by Beach Fossils; I could harp on the subject of Beach Fossils and their greatness all day. Listen to this song and you will understand. Will prompt an intense romanticism for anyone you pass.  

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