Weekly Music Picks: Recent Songs Playing on Repeat

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Caroline Richards ’22

Arts Editor

Anchorite (Love You Very Much) by Car Seat Headrest 

From their 2013 album Monomania. Dreamy and melancholy. They have the best sound asthetic for ballads, the muted distance of the vocals is inexplicably conducive to sadness? You tell me. I’m surprised they haven’t been roped into the soundtrack of some angsty coming-of-age film. Someone take up this task.  

Solitaires (feat. Travis Scott) by Future 

From Future’s 2020 album High On Life. They collabed on this song for almost three months before they decided it was good enough to put on the album. You can tell how much work went into it just by how well their sounds mesh throughout the entire thing. Impressive production by Future all around (per usual). Very catchy.  

Darling by Real Estate 

From their 2017 album In Mind which is still their best in my opinion, it put them on the indie-rock map. You wouldn’t guess they’re from New Jersey… anyway. Breezy and happy-mellow. They do this thing where they mask the profundity of their lyrics in the upbeatness of the guitar, which is typically higher and almost bell-ish. Very good. Very up-and-coming. 

Yessirskiii by Lil Uzi Vert, 21 Savage 

Iconic pairing. This one showed up on the deluxe version of Eternal Atake. 21 could have sounded so terrible on this song because his sound is so different from Uzi’s but he gets into it. There’s a really good video of him on YouTube somewhere recording this song and he keeps smiling in the booth; I always think about that when I listen to it because I feel like he never smiles. Anyways, you can tell they had fun producing this and it adds something. Will get stuck in your head.  

Fortune’s Fool by STRFKR (pronounced Star-Fucker. Case you needed) 

From one of the best albums to come out of the contemporary indie music canon in the past decade in my opinion (!) Miracle Mile. It’s synthetic musical honey. It’s so good. They’re doing very new and very cool experimental things. They’re also coming to New Haven in February so you should buy tickets. This will be a band you’ll want to tell your kids you saw in a small venue before they were huge.  

Incinerate by Sonic Youth 

From their iconic 2006 album Rather Ripped. I rediscovered this song last week in my old iTunes library. My older brother showed me this song when he was in his angsty college phase, thus I have chosen to adopt it into mine. They’re such an underrated band and their backstory/founding is so cool. I want to be Kim Gordon when I grow up. For extra credit points read her memoir called Girl In A Band.  

Rock Bottom- Live by King Krule 

Archie. The Man, The Myth. The Money I Would Pay To See Him Live Is Near To That Of The United States Military Budget. This live album, You Heat Me Up, You Cool Me Down, was such a blessing. Everyone was suspicious of how he’d live up to The Ooz and then he exceeded it with Man, Alive!. His discography is near perfect. No one else sounds anything like him. I can’t wait to see where he goes from here.  

Heroes and Villains by The Beach Boys 

Will always remind me of my dad. This is the first track on their 1967 album Smiley Smile. They performed it a couple years ago when they came to perform for the Boston Pops on Nantucket down at the beach at Jetties. Dare I say they’re one of the few good things left from that generation? If you’re feeling sad  listen to “Vegetables” off this album and try to stay sad. It’s impossible.  

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