Weekly Skylights: The Tripod Looks to the Clouds

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Joey Cifelli ’23

A&E Editor

March 1, 2023

In a world where the physical and the ethereal coexist, the sky is the domain of the dreamer and the daring. Here, humans can transform into wispy, billowing clouds, drifting with the currents and soaring through the endless expanse of the heavens. As the clouds traverse the skies, they encounter other communities of human clouds. Some float peacefully in the sunshine, drifting lazily through the sky. Others gather in great, stormy clusters, crackling with electricity and thunder as they rage through the atmosphere. Still others take on strange and wondrous shapes, twisting and turning in the wind to create magnificent sculptures and works of art. 7.3/10

March 2, 2023, Part 1

In one community, the clouds gather in a great circle, singing and dancing as they sway in the breeze. Their voices rise and fall in a hypnotic rhythm, and the colors of their misty forms shift and change with the music. Here, the clouds find solace and joy, their spirits lifted by the simple beauty of being alive. In another, the clouds come together in a massive, swirling vortex, their forms whipping around in a dizzying dance of motion and chaos. Lightning flashes and thunder rumbles through the air as the clouds collide and collide again, releasing bursts of energy that illuminate the sky for miles around. Here, the clouds find excitement and danger, their hearts pounding with adrenaline as they push the limits of their amorphous form. 7.1/10

March 2, 2023, Part 2

In yet another community, the clouds take on the shapes of animals and mythical creatures, their forms twisting and turning in the wind to create magnificent beasts that fly through the air with ease. Serpents, turtles, and wolves soar through the sky, their bodies glowing with vibrant colors and patterns. Here, the clouds find wonder and magic, their imaginations ignited by the endless possibilities of vapor. They encounter storms that threaten to tear them apart, winds that push them off course, and strange and mysterious meteorological phenomena that make them question everything they thought they knew about the world. And yet, in the midst of all this chaos and confusion, they find a nagging sense of purpose. 8.0/10

March 2, 2023, Part 3


They know that the true beauty of the sky lies not in its grandeur or its majesty, but in the richness of the creatures that call it home. They know that every cloud is a seed, every storm a home, and that it is only through exploring the many wonders of the empyrean that they can truly appreciate the grandeur around them. And so they continue to soar, their hearts filled with awe, their spirits lifted by the myriad possibilities of the sky. For, in the end, they know that no matter where their journey takes them, no matter what perils or puzzles or presents, there will always be the clouds, there will always be the sky. 8.9/10

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