After All, What Do Women Do With Their College Educations?

Trinity Alumni ’19

Murray Hill Resident

65 years ago, a writer for The Trinity Tatler prompted readers with the very question, “After all what do women do with their college educations?” When the administration decided to go co-ed in 1969, the reason was clear…they were trying to keep up with Yale. Let’s be honest, the admins knew we would never surpass Yale’s superior status, so their next option was to hop on the co-ed bandwagon in an attempt to keep up with the nerds at New Haven. So maybe some of you are still chomping at the bit to figure out what a lady Bant might make out of four years on the hilltop, so I’ll debrief you on the details. Believe it or not, women at Trinity major in Economics, Mathematics, and Neuroscience (just to name a few). I’m sure you’re wondering what happened to the obvious options? Well, don’t you worry, English, Art History, and Psychology are still steady areas of study for women at Trinity. 

When it’s all said and done, what will she do with this degree? The answer is obvious, of course! Fresh from the frat basement, she’ll update her LinkedIn, sharing she is thrilled to announce she has accepted a position at a mid-tier marketing firm! We all know that with a new job comes a new city, so she will move to New York, or maybe Boston, where she will more likely than not live in an apartment with her college roommates. 

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