Do you find yourself relating to Khloe Kardashian’s love life a little too often?

Picks The Worst Ones ’24

Even Friends Are Shocked

Granted, you may have grown up in the ‘burbs of Boston, and your stay at home mother doesn’t have a collection of pantsuits, but at times you may feel as if Khloe Kardashian’s love life hits a little too close to home. Sure the closest you’ve gotten to dating an NBA player is hooking up with a D3 athlete, but nevermind the details. Like Khloe, it’s very possible you thought you had finally found the one (after a rocky past relationship), only to be once again proven wrong…when photos emerged of him making out with your little (sister’s best friend). These days, neither Khloe nor you can catch a break. But, we would all be lying if we said there wasn’t a little spark between Khloe and Scott. And for you, your big’s ex boyfriend. Sure you may have always thought of him as being like an older brother, but he did stare at you for a little too long when you wore that red dress to laxmas, and plus she already graduated (and is dating a 5th year). So, I’ll cut to the chase, retire the roster and turn to what has been staring at you (literally) all along.

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