Ten Days Until St. Patrick’s Day! Get Ready to Drink!

Tucker O’Carlson ’69

Green M&M Enthusiast

I’m sure you have all come to realize that at Trin, we find a reason to celebrate no matter what the occasion is…it’s like kindergarten all over again. Christmas? We celebrate Laxmas and blare Mariah Carey’s “All I Want for Christmas” starting in November. Valentine’s Day? We find a reason to either celebrate the miracle that is being in a relationship or go against the grain with the majority and rejoice that we get to play the field (or at least try to). And well…St. Patrick’s Day is no different. March 17th is the one day a year when you get to share that you are .5% Irish! Better yet, you get to finally wear your “kiss me, I’m Irish” shirt.  With that being said, you have ten days until St. Patrick’s Day, so you might as well start drinking now, and here is how you’re gonna do it. The seasoned vets know that a rack of Natty Light will not suffice for this holiday, so plan ahead and order a keg of Guinness which you will have to pretend that you actually want to drink. And if all else fails, there’s always St. Papp’s party. Reserve your spot by leaving a message at The Trinity Tripod Tip Line (860) 297-2584.

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