The Bistro: A Great Eatery or Just Free From E. Coli?

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Virginia Peaches ’23

Tripod’s Food Critic

Here we go with another long-awaited food review. I’m out from hiding after my controversial Campus Pizza review and Bistro is my next target. Starting off, if you don’t live anywhere near Vernon Street, then it is a long way for a ham sandwich, literally. Once you walk through those doors, you better have your guard up and your head on a swivel in case you run into last weekend’s messy hookup. If you make eye contact with them, do you wave or look the other way? It’s a debacle every time. For all you know, they could be standing behind you as you wait for your chicken Caesar wrap that is bound to be cold in the middle. Honestly, I’m tired of the wraps and sandwiches and the high anxiety that comes with them. On the other hand, there is one thing that keeps bringing me back every Monday and Wednesday at 12:45 on the dot: the smoothie lady. I have yet to learn her name, but she is an angel sent straight from heaven. But you must ask for peanut butter first or else she’ll get frustrated with you as she starts over with a new blender. If you ask for peanut butter, strawberries, bananas and blueberries, then you’ll have yourself a liquid PB&J. Who could ask for anything else? The bliss interaction is soon over when you check out, and you receive a little bit of attitude as the lady tells you, “Not enough bantam bucks.”

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