Union Square Hospitality Group Said to Acquire Ogilby

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In today’s news, it is said that esteemed Trinity Alumnus & AD brother Danny Meyer has come to an agreement with the Trinity College Administration to open another on-campus dining option for students. This decision to expand comes after reports of E.Coli at Mather had come to Mr. Meyer’s attention via The Trinity Tripod. As the Union Square Hospitality Group (USHG) is eager to get the ball rolling on the project, Mr. Meyer and the USHG have scouted out numerous locations on campus for his new restaurant. Inside sources tell us that he opted not to take over AD, as he wanted it to remain for the boys, and the overall building did not align with the restaurant’s aesthetics. Alternatively, the USHG’s real estate advisor suggested they look at Psi U as a possible location as the brothers are eager to relieve their outstanding debt and, in addition, offered to have their pledges work at the restaurants as long as they could use the house for their annual Psi Universe party…Mr. Meyer’s legal team quickly objected to this offer as it was a liability. Thus, the restauranteur will be adding Ogilby to the list of his latest acquisitions, as it’s the only feasible option. Unlike Mr. Meyer’s previous projects, this dining option will include three of USHG’s fan favorites, which will be individually located in each wing. We have been told that A Wing will serve as the location of Eleven Madison Park and will serve as the primary fine dining option. Though USHG will run Eleven Madison Park, the group has made a compromise with The Hall that will require making a reservation three weeks in advance via pledge…you’ll need to know a brother. Located just next door in B Wing will be Gramercy Tavern, open Thursday through Sunday, and it will offer dining options for those who were not able to secure a spot at Eleven Madison Park; seating will come on a first-come, first-serve basis. Lastly, the long-awaited on-campus Shake Shack will be within C Wing, and will be the only 24-hour dining option on campus, featuring a takeout window for post-late-night bites. In addition to the three restaurants, USHG will also offer seasonal dining experiences within the courtyard-which will be for members of The Hall, EC, and a select group of individuals…Invitations will be sent via GroupMe. As of now, construction is set to begin on May 23, 2023, in hopes that the restaurants will be open by this Fall. Additionally, the USHG has since advised that anything left in Ogilby will be given to AD, as the cafeteria tables are no longer cutting it.

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