50 for the Next 50 Aims to Celebrate Women at Trinity

Amanda Scopelliti ’20

Features Editor

50 for the Next 50 is a one-time initiative created for Women at the Summit, a celebration of fifty years of coeducation at Trinity.
50 for the Next 50 is designed to select fifty women whom will have an impact on the future of Trinity. The college aims for 50 for the Next 50 to be “an opportunity to engage the broad Trinity community in celebrating both women of demonstrated achievement and those of promise.”
Nominations are not exclusive to current students, and all members of the college community can nominate students, faculty and staff members, alumnae, parents, friends, and community members with a connection to Trinity. Self-nominations are welcome as well, and award recipients will be selected by a committee comprised of female students, professors, staff members, Board of Trustees, and alumnae.
Charles A. Dana Professor of Psychology and Neuroscience and Selection Committee Chair Sarah Raskin says that she is looking forward to “recognizing those unsung heroes who may not necessarily be the ones that everyone thinks of immediately.” She wants everyone to know that the selection committee is looking for, “nominations for everyone – students, faculty, alumni, and staff – and this includes staff from Dining or Custodial Services– and we also want to hear about community partners whose work will leave a mark on Trinity for the years to come.” Hannah Lynch ’22, a student on the selection committee, adds that this is “an opportunity to celebrate all kinds of achievement,” which she thinks is “rare and special.”
The committee also says that they are looking for women who have had “a positive influence on the college community, creativity or innovation in solving problems or overcoming challenges, outstanding accomplishments at the college, in an academic field, or within the local, national, or global community, outstanding service as a mentor to colleagues, students, or others, and outstanding ability to build coalitions or bring groups together.” Lynch says that it really comes down to selecting candidates who have “a desire to make the Trinity community a better place for everyone.”
Professor Raskin says that nominations are “already rolling in,” and adds that it is “so exciting and gratifying to learn about all the incredible women across campus and the amazing work they are doing to make Trinity a better place.” Lynch adds that being part of the committee feels like a “huge privilege” and says that, “receiving the nominations is a hugely exciting part of this committee. Being able to read about some of the things that women within our community achieve and how they inspire others is such a positive influence.”
Celebrations for the 50 for the Next 50 honorees will take place during the spring of 2020 which is the final semester of Women at the Summit. If you would like to nominate yourself or another member of the community, you can fill out a nomination form online on the Trinity College website.

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