Bartending, Formals, and Brothers: Why Rush?

Everyone at Trinity knows of the many fraternities and sororities on campus, but not everyone knows what it’s like to experience recruitment here at Trinity. Sophomore, Granville Kaynor, made the decision to rush this fall in hopes for new friendships and for a bid to a new home.
Going in blindfolded, Kaynor is not sure what to expect from this week, but hopes for the best despite all the nerves. Recruitment week is one of the most important weeks during one’s Greek Life experience, and he know there are several preconceived notions about certain fraternities being more difficult to receive a bid from. “The best thing I can do is just be myself this week and the rest will all work out. I know I will end up in the right place,” says Kaynor.
His top fraternities are St. Anthony’s Hall and Alpha Delta Phi (AD), but he is unsure which will be the perfect fit until he is able to tour every fraternity. He originally chose to rush so he could experience a fraternity formal and hopefully be able to bartend during events. But most importantly, he hopes to find his place because the brothers within the fraternity will become some of his closest friends for the rest of his life. And the alumni connections through the fraternity are another bonus for finding jobs and internships during and after one’s Trinity experience.
Kaynor will be out of town this Friday, September 28, due to a tennis tournament at Middlebury, so he will not officially be able to attend Bid Day. Despite missing one of the biggest days in the recruitment process, Kaynor believes it will be better for him because he’ll be focused on his tennis match rather than making himself nervous thinking about where he received a bid. He says no matter what happens this week, he hopes this will be a way to meet more people on Trinity’s campus and create new everlasting friendships.

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