Class of 2020 Pursues Summer Internships

Amanda Scopolleti ’20

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This summer, members of Trinity’s Class of 2020 held internship positions all over the country and all over the world! This article features three seniors who explored their passions and broadened their liberal arts educations through summer internship experiences.

Rachel Scheub ’20, Joslin Diabetes Center

Rachel Scheub ’20 spent her summer as an intern at the Joslin Diabetes Center located in Boston, Massachusetts in the pediatric/behavior/outcomes section under Dr. Lori Laffel. Scheub, a neuroscience major, says it was at an on-campus talk given by Trinity alumnus Doctor Peter Amenta ’75 in 2016 where she learned about the summer program at Joslin. After accepting a position at the center three years after that talk was given, Scheub reached out to Dr. Amenta who has become a “valuable mentor and role model” to Rachel as she gets ready to graduate and embark on her own career path.
One of Scheub’s main responsibilities during her internship at Joslin was working on a project that analyzed teenager’s attitudes towards a text message intervention system. She describes the intervention as a text message reminder for teens ages fourteen to seventeen diagnosed with type I diabetes to check their blood glucose levels at certain self-selected times. Scheub was given the task of analyzing teens’ recorded interview responses on the text message intervention in order to “find barriers and benefits of the text messaging system, how these perceptions impacted use of the system and the patients’ glycemic control, and areas of improvement for future interventions.”
Additionally, Scheub had the opportunity to shadow different departments and observe and contribute to group therapy sessions for adults who have a type I diabetes diagnosis during her summer internship. She gained a greater understanding of how type I diabetes impacts the daily lives of patients by listening to their personal stories, and she was able to contribute to group therapy sessions by brainstorming discussion themes with a social worker at the center.
Scheub says that another meaningful part of her internship experience at Joslin was witnessing new patients be insulin trained and learning about how healthcare providers calculate changes in care regimens because she was “able to gain valuable clinical experience,” and it helped her to solidify her own personal interests.
However, Scheub says that the most meaningful part of her internship was the work she did in the pregnancy clinic under Dr. Florence Brown where she learned how pregnant women with gestational diabetes are treated because it solidified her interest in pre-natal care. Scheub says that “these women worked extremely hard to manage their disease toward healthy babies, and it was inspiring to witness Dr. Brown guide them in their care.”

Emma Ghiglione ’20, MBA Tour

Emma Ghiglione ’20 worked as a Marketing and Events Intern at the MBA Tour in Concord, Massachusetts, a company that hosts national and international events to facilitate the MBA and Business Master’s application process for prospective business graduate students. As their Marketing and Events Intern, Emma was responsible for promoting MBA Tour events by creating social media posts, designing and launching Facebook Ads, and doing graphic design work for various posters and advertisements.
Ghiglione describes her internship as a positive learning experience and says that she “felt integrated the instant I began to work there and never felt like an outsider.” Her co-workers were friendly and taught her many new skills during the three months that she was there, making her internship an enriching educational experience.
Ghiglione says that one thing that surprised her during her internship was learning “how remarkable an opportunity working at the MBA Tour is.” She says that a position at the MBA tour is great fit for someone who loves to travel since employee’s attend the company’s events, providing them the opportunity to travel internationally.
One challenge of the internship position was that many of the MBA Tour’s events took place in the summer months, so the employees were doing a lot of traveling. Ghiglione says that this made it difficult to coordinate projects and communicate ideas.
Emma feels that her Trinity education prepared her for her summer internship experience by teaching her “disciple and dedication” and says that during her three years at Trinity, she has transformed into a “hardworking student” who is “passionate” about her work and “always eager to excel.” She says that her “interpersonal skills, creativity, and vision of teamwork were extremely beneficial” during her internship at the MBA Tour.

Lukas Kaminski ’20, RR Donnelley

Lukas Kaminski ’20 is an economics major with a “knack” for sales who spent his summer as an Enterprise Sales Intern at RR Donnelley, a communications company that offers business services, marketing solutions, commercial printing and more. Kaminski, who describes himself as “money and progress motivated,” says that he is attracted to sales because of the opportunities to build relationships and establish a personal brand by creating solutions for customers. He also enjoys the research that is involved in a sales role and likes to work with customers individually to see if he can achieve long-term dream clients.
Kaminski admits that a sales position is not traditional for an economics major, but he believes that his Trinity education helped him to gain perspective on the importance of applying efficiency to everything business-related, in addition to a perspective on solutions to save money for all parties involved in a deal.
Before starting his internship at RR Donnelley’s Manchester, CT office, Kaminski attended a formal training program in Buffalo, NY. This program helped prepare him for his daily responsibilities and changed his original pessimism about the role due to a prior belief that print is an outdated industry. He quickly learned that print is one of the biggest industries today.
Kaminski’s daily responsibilities included prospecting projects by doing research on industry trends to decide what companies might be a good fit. He would then record the contact information for these companies and make cold calls to potential clients. He says that his favorite part of his internship experience is when he was actually able to connect with someone on a cold call. Kaminski also did a lot of account management work in an application called Salesforce, a sales resource that is used by many companies that he might potentially work for in the future.
Kaminski says that the most challenging part of his summer internship was his unfamiliarity with the industry. He says that it was difficult to implement solutions when he didn’t know the products very well. However, Kaminski rose to the occasion and had confidence in everything he did, always pushing himself to “sell better.

Rachel Scheub ’20
Lukas Kaminski ’20

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