Club Spotlight: Chloe Slater and Riley Morgan Are Bringing the One Love Foundation to Trinity’s Campus

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Abbey O’Leary ’24

Features Editor

The One Love Foundation was established in response to the devastating murder of Yeardley Love by her boyfriend, three weeks before her intended graduation from the University of Virginia. The foundation has grown and is now a national nonprofit working to educate people on healthy and unhealthy relationships as well as implement prevention strategies. Unlike many other education and prevention foundations that focus solely on romantic relationships, One Love takes all relationships into consideration and educates on healthy boundaries in romantic, family, and professional relationships, among others.

Two Trinity Students, Junior Chloe Slater and Sophomore Riley Morgan, have been working together to bring the One Love Foundation to Trinity. In an interview with Riley Morgan, she talked about her experience working with the foundation and its role in the schools and community. Morgan said she could remember attending One Love workshops since elementary school, and, as she got older, One Love took on more roles and had a stronger presence. She recalled how her high school ran a One Love Foundation club and proved extremely successful and how meaningful and engaging it was for the entire student body, saying how “One Love takes a serious topic and makes it engaging” and “works to connect big groups of people, making it a conversation worth having”.

Morgan also discussed her early experience with the foundation and how it was implemented in her high school and home town. She talked about club workshops, during which trained facilitators manage events that each take on a different topic or aspect of health and relationships and focus on different themes and lessons to educate on relationship management and available resources.

After considering the education and relationship resources available to students at Trinity, Morgan and Slater realized there was an evident lack of organizations and those that are present on campus are dedicated solely to romantic relationships.

Both Morgan and Slater were involved together in the One Love club and foundation in high school and wanted to bring the foundation here to Trinity College in an effort to provide a positive, broad resource for the cause. Both have been certified as trained facilitators and intend on holding certification workshops for others to be able to become educated facilitators as well. Since bringing the organization to Trinity in its first year on campus, Morgan and Slater have been working to establish the club in two sectors, one being education and the other fund-raising to raise money, support, and awareness. They are hoping to work with local magnet schools to broaden the scope of the foundation’s reach as well as collaborate with Trinity Greek Life Organizations, sports teams, cultural houses, and other groups on campus.

As the club is still a new member to Trinity’s campus, Morgan expressed her hope that it will gain more traction and become as successful here as it is in her hometown. One Love has been hosting meetings two Tuesdays a month during common hour and are currently looking for new members to join. If interesting in working with the cause, there is a link to join on the Instagram page @trincollonelove, or contact either Riley Morgan or Chloe Slater through email.

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    1) Her name was Yeardley not Yardley Love
    2) She was murdered three weeks before she was supposed to graduate from UVA
    3) She was murdered in Charlottesville, VA and her hometown was Cockeysville, MD, just outside of Baltimore, MD

    (All of this information is available in Ms. Love’s obituary, not hard to find online.)
    Please Tripod, at least do some basic fact checking.

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