Club Spotlight: Trinity Homelessness Project (THP)

Leah Swope ’22
Contributing Writer 
More than 4,500 people are homeless on any given night in Connecticut, and nearly one in five of those individuals are children. 
With housing prices in Connecticut being near the highest in the nation, the large homeless population struggles with the most basic human needs like staying warm and nourished during the winter months without adequate food or shelter.   
In an effort to raise awareness and get Trinity students involved in addressing the issue of chronic homelessness, Trinity’s Homelessness Project was brought to life in 2017. Trinity’s Homelessness Project (THP) is currently led by President Kyle Fields ’21 and has 20 active members who strive to make a positive impact on the community of homeless residents in Hartford. 
On campus, the club holds weekly meetings, advertises for common hour events, and advocates for raised awareness of issues related to homelessness. They aim to remove the stigma from the term “homeless” and educate students on the experience of homelessness. 
President Kyle Fields ’21 has greatly enjoyed his time with THP. It has allowed him the opportunity to help “break down the barrier between Trinity students and Hartford, so students realize they shouldn’t be scared of venturing past the iron fence.” 
This spring, the club will continue to venture into Hartford to deliver furniture to low income housing units with Journey Home, an organization that works to match the homeless with housing opportunities and assist them in the process of obtaining a place to live. 
Most of the homeless come off the streets with no personal belongings and certainly no furniture, dishes, etc. Along with a Journey Home member, THP gets these basic necessities and delivers them to residents who have just moved off the streets into homes. 
THP will also be partnering with Hands on Hartford, a non-profit that works with Hartford residents experiencing issues with food, housing and health. Additionally, the organization is hosting a Trinity alum who will speak about her experience with homelessness at an upcoming common hour panel.
THP is looking for students who are interested in getting involved in Hartford to create a positive change. If you are interested in getting involved and joining Trinity’s Homelessness Project, contact Kyle Fields ’21 at

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