Creativity is a Commandment

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Aiden Hebert ’25

Staff Writer

Curiosity and creativity are cut from the same cloth, so either wear it or be the tailor. First-year Emily Crawford, a double major in English and Film Studies, has just embarked on the making of her third film. She has previously experimented with documentary and short film formats and she plans to accomplish the creation of her creative venture by exhibiting realism through a coming-of-age story. Her passion for filmmaking has always been present, even in her youth. From a young age, Crawford took to the camera. “I would always make films as a kid,” Crawford said, “I used to force my brother to be the actor in all my movies.” Whether it was through her affect subjugation or consistent watching of movies, the activity of her youth discovered her passion. Find your stimulus, discover your curiosity and inspire your self-expression. Almost all beginnings are initiated simply by the recognition of one’s appreciation and pleasures. Find your idols and utilize their influence. Become the positive influence you once found in someone to others. Crawford calls upon the creative influence of Greta Gerwig’s career as she noticed a lack of female presence in the field of filmmaking. “I just want to make a film that makes people feel what I feel when I watch a movie,” Crawford said. Considering the prolific number of regarded aims of art, often one simple objective is to produce emotion. Crawford’s accordance with this mission is exemplified in her striving to elicit and evoke an idea or emotion. “I want people to feel something.”

As kids, we do not let the judgment of others confine the limitlessness of our imagination, so why in maturity and the autonomy of our adult lives do we let others stop us? “I would rather struggle with something I love doing,” Crawford said, “than hate my life because of something I do not enjoy.” Crawford does not allow the hindrance of others’ words to stop her. She has her targets and ambitions. Do you? “As long as you just start it, you will be able to continue,” Crawford said, “use your creative outlet, and do not think about how others will think about it.” Why let other people answer the questions of your life? In all of us, a desire, hunger, and even a dream repeat itself, trying to communicate the power of your ability. So, when will you listen and act on its instruction? “I have realized that I never going to do it if I keep listening to others,” Crawford said, “you need to realize you can be making something that is really special to some people.” As we support Crawford in her journey, we must understand she does not have to be the only one in pursuit of a creative journey. There is a process in all creative journeys that may seem intimidating, but you must use the determination of your passion to remain steadfast and focused. One must also remember that those struggles and faces of adversity are part of the process of revealing your specific flare. “It does not need to be perfect the first time,” Crawford said, “because there is not a perfect time to start.”

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