Food Dudes: Mo's Midtown serves up tasty breakfast

There isn’t anything much better than a classic diner breakfast on the weekend.
I recently stopped by Mo’s Midtown Restaurant for a late Saturday breakfast and was pleasantly surprised by the value, food, and atmosphere.
As soon as you walk in the door, you are greeted by the smell of coffee and pancakes on the griddle. The dining room is tightly packed, with a long bar that seats about 12 people and several booths running down the side of the restaurant. There is a flat top grill in front of the bar, where almost everything is prepared, making the setting a quintessential diner. Filled with patrons young and old, I could tell that this was the local spot to come for a hearty breakfast.
Luckily, as I walked in, a booth was just opening up so I did not have to wait for a table. There are not a lot of tables at Mo’s, but since it is a diner the turnover is quite fast. The booths are simple with classic vinyl seats. The table had a wide selection of condiments in the corner, including at least four different kinds of hot sauce. As someone who loves hot sauce, I was definitely appreciative of the variety.
Our server was quick to greet us. She immediately offered us coffee and asked if we wanted anything else to drink. The servers were very attentive, especially on the coffee refills – my mug would barely reach the half way point before it was filled up again.
The menu at Mo’s is simple but has all the basics covered, from almost any type of egg or omelet to French toast, pancakes, and breakfast sandwiches. I ordered the eggs benedict, which was served with home fries. I also ordered a blueberry pancake because I could see the massive pancakes that some of the other people in the restaurant were eating and immediately knew I had to try one.
The eggs benedict was classically prepared with thick grilled slices of real Canadian bacon, a lightly toasted English muffin, and a creamy hollandaise. The poached eggs were cooked to a perfect over-easy. The home fries were a standout as well, seasoned generously with spices and cooked in what I think may have been a bit of bacon grease, which added an amazing flavor.
The pancake was delicious and enormous. It was filled with wild blueberries, which tasted fresh. The batter was unique in that it seemed to have a slight cinnamon flavor to it. Smothered with melted butter and maple syrup, these pancakes were to die for. With other options like chocolate chip, strawberry, and raspberry, the pancakes are a must try, even if you only order one to share as a side.
Mo’s boasts modest prices on all of its menu items. The eggs benedict ran about six dollars and the single pancake, which was huge, was only about two dollars. Mo’s only accepts cash, so make sure you hit the ATM before you go. They have an ATM in the front of the diner. However, when I was there it was broken, so it is probably safer to make sure you have cash on hand.
Mo’s Midtown Restaurant is a small hole in the wall that is perfect for a weekend brunch or breakfast. With an inexpensive menu and delicious diner fare, it is the perfect reason to get out of bed on a lazy weekend morning.

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