Food Truck Festivals: A Trinity Tradition

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Sammi Bray ’25

Staff Writer

Food trucks are somewhat of a Trinity tradition. They are present at first-year orientation and welcome-back week, dominate their own events throughout the school year, and can be found in any of the school’s driveways when there is a large event. Friends at Trinity shared about the food scene in Hartford, including the food trucks, a common pull factor when in the midst of the college search. The food trucks on campus bring a taste of Hartford and beyond, to students, staff and visitors, creating and fostering positive relationships between communities.  

On Wednesday, September 29th, 10 trucks lined the Gates Quad and Mather Circle, drawing hungry students away from the usual routine of the dining hall for the afternoon. Some of the trucks included Craftb ird, La Mesa, Wing It On Wheels, Brasato Italian Street Cuisine, Iron & Grain and Green Grunion. 

The center of campus was overflowing with students, professors, coaches and more, eager to get to the front of the line to get the vouchers. Ahead of time, students were able to register for their top-choice food truck. All who came were able to eat, while vouchers lasted, with priority given to those who registered. Each voucher was valid for one meal at one food truck, but after 2PM, all leftover vouchers were fair game, whether you had visited the trucks or not, serving as a perk for some. 

First-year student Isabella Paris was pleased with the opportunity to eat something besides Mather, especially in the middle of the school week.  

“I think they are fun and automatically lift spirits,” she says. Paris also enjoyed the food trucks and vendors like build-your-own plant terrarium earlier in September. Embracing the spirit of college, these pop-up shops are a great way to try something new. Joining the Trinity community from New Hampshire as a part of the Cities Gateway, Paris appreciates any opportunity to experience Hartford, settling into her new home.  

However, there’s room for improvement. “I wish there were more vegan and vegetarian options,” Paris shared. Friends with different dietary restrictions struggled to find the perfect bite, while others weren’t sure what to pick ahead of time without knowing the options.  

Other students felt this disappointment when certain food trucks unfortunately couldn’t make it- Baba Ghanoush food truck had difficulties with their truck. These students were then able to pick from any of the trucks, but some felt they couldn’t quite find something they liked, although there was a range of many different types of cuisines.  

Paris also suggested more frequent visits from the food trucks. “It would be cool to have them on campus more often,” she says. A variation in the trucks would also be exciting, allowing students to try different neighboring spots.  

Last week, the different foods featured ranged from tacos and nachos, falafel, pasta, and different types of chicken dishes, like wings. It was different from Mather, and the variety also encouraged students to try something new. The festival is always one of the students’ favorite ways to gather with their friends and classmates and continues to raise excitement from the campus community every time the food trucks arrive. 

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