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Olivia Papp ’22

Features Editor

Over the course of six weeks, performing artists from Hartford are presenting their talents at 6:30 p.m. each Tuesday to the Trinity community. Six artists have been chosen to perform by Assistant Professor of Theater and Dance Rebecca Pappas, and Jasmin Agosto ’10, the founder of SageSeeker Productions. Agosto is a Trinity College alumna who has focused her work on promoting female and non-binary artists of color in Hartford. SageSeeker Productions is a company that has sought to create community and inclusive creative spaces.  

These performances can be found on the Facebook live stream each week or can be joined on Zoom through the Performing Hartford class. Anybody can view these events. Although only ten to twenty people watch during the live performances, approximately a thousand viewers watch the quality performances once they have transpired, as each of the events are archived on Facebook once they happen. These events are a great way to become more involved with the Hartford community. In addition, these events serve as a great way to be further educated on aspects of artistic talents. Being located in such an accessible, diverse, and highly artistic community is exceptional for Trinity’s students and faculty alike. 

These Hartford artists have various talents that come from an assortment of disciplines which focus on the diversity Hartford has to offer. Two events have already taken place and four events are scheduled over the next four weeks. In this series, Miss. Jamaica Planet 2021, actress, and teaching artist Tonille Watkis presented on Tuesday, Mar. 9. A wave artist, musician, and educator Mixashawn presented on Tuesday, Mar. 16. Choreographer, scholar, curator, and educator Deborah Goffe is set to present on Tuesday, Mar. 30. On Tuesday, Apr. 6, multi-disciplinary producer and curator, and founder of SageSeeker Productions Jasmin Agosto will speak. Actress, choreographer, and dancer Daisy Infantas will present on Tuesday, Apr. 13. To conclude the series, Lady Abstract, a poet, educator, and activist will be speaking on Tuesday, Apr. 20. 

“These events were created for a class called, “Performing Hartford,” at Trinity. This “Performing Hartford” series was designed as a way of going out in the midst of a pandemic. Through this series, spectators have a way of going out and participating in the Hartford arts community. Now, we can bring these artists here,” said Pappas. 

“We were looking for ways to connect students to the Hartford community. I don’t like to see what we’re doing here as bridging the gap between Trinity and Hartford because Trinity is part of the Hartford community. This special series is all about making more and more connections,” said Pappas. Another positive aspect of these events is the fact that they are so accessible. Spectators only need an electronic device in order to be included in these events. 

Pappas concluded by adding how great it was to see so many artists from Hartford, emphasizing that “it is really incredible to see the range of artists who are working in Hartford. It is also interesting to see that the presenter of this series is very Trinity-based, as some of the performers who are poets and actors are Trinity Alumni. These artists are sharing their work. We are all able to show up and watch these amazing young artists who drive models for what a true artistic career can look like,” said Pappas. The SageSeeker Productions Facebook page features a link to their Facebook Livestream.

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