Local Source of Peter B’s Croissants: Doro Marketplace 

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By Aimee Poole ’27 

Contributing Writer 

The best days at Peter B’s are undoubtedly the days when there is a glass case full of locally sourced croissants to accompany your drink. But, in case you miss the croissants, you can find the same flaky treats just three miles from campus at Doro Marketplace.  

Convenient for students without cars, Doro Marketplace has a location right off bus route 39 that goes straight from campus to a stop right across the street from one of Doro Marketplace’s three locations. The West Hartford location is never without a line of both locals and students, but if you can grab a table the atmosphere is perfect for studying or hanging out with friends while enjoying the many goods that the market has to offer.  

From their menu, you will undoubtedly recognize the plethora of cream and chocolate-filled croissants that can be found periodically at Peter B’s, but you will also find a greater variety of sweets offered that will make for a difficult ordering decision. From a sugar-coated and jelly-filled donut to fresh fruit tarts, there are many options for anyone looking to fill their sweet treat fix of the day. In terms of croissants, one of the most popular (and deservedly so) is the chocolate hazelnut croissant, which is a must-try. Other flavors such as the Bavarian Cream and Supreme Croissants will also definitely get you your money’s worth and should not be overlooked.  

For those who prefer savory over sweet, Doro Marketplace also provides a wide variety of breakfast and lunch dishes. Their highlights are a simple avocado toast (we highly recommend adding an egg if you order this) and a hearty “BK” breakfast bowl that are great meals to start the day. A hidden gem on the menu is a fresh ricotta toast with tomatoes that all cheese lovers will be sure to enjoy.  

For those who are looking to stock their fridge, Doro Marketplace also has a grab-and-go fridge with not only Doro goods but also foods from their restaurant group including Treva, Àvera, Artisanal Burger Company, and Zohara. My favorite grab-and-go items come from the Mediterranean restaurant Zohara and include hummus and olives which are great late-night snacks. 

For those looking for a caffeine fix to go along with their food, Doro supplies coffee sourced from Connecticut’s Shearwater Coffee that certainly can do the trick for providing a wake-up in the morning. However, their tea selection, including Matcha Lattes and London Fogs, greatly overshines the coffee selection in taste and, in my opinion, is the better caffeinated beverage option. However, the drink that I cannot recommend more is Doro’s freshly pressed orange juice. Its bright taste provides natural energy in the morning. After only having Mather orange juice for months, this drink feels like a breath of fresh air that is equally refreshing as it is tasty.  

For those who are tired of their regular study areas on campus and are looking for a change of pace, Doro Marketplace provides a perfect sanctuary for those who enjoy background noise. With interiors inspired by European restaurants and cafes, the quaint feeling inside the market invites people to sit and stay awhile while they enjoy some of the best breakfast and lunch around the Hartford area. 

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