Trinity College Statement on Divestment from War and Protecting the Right to Peaceful Protest

By the Faculty of Trinity College

We the undersigned Faculty of Trinity College stand with the students at Trinity who have voiced their support for the people of Gaza. We are aware that on campuses across this country students motivated by compassion for the suffering of others and exercising their right to peaceful protest have had their words and actions illegitimately demonized as a threat to public order. Recent events at protest encampments have laid bare the devastating consequences of academic leadership capitulating to external pressure and betraying their core values of free speech and the right to peaceful protest by calling on police to arrest their students.

It is against this horrifying backdrop that we the undersigned Faculty of Trinity College are thereby reminded of our own power and our responsibility to exercise that power with the utmost moral clarity and courage, and we support the demands of our students.

We celebrate the ethical responsibility and extraordinary leadership of our students who have mobilized to initiate a robust dialogue about the war in Palestine on our campus. We stand united with and for our students who engage in any and all forms of peaceful protest and civil disobedience. We stand united with and for our students who risk personal safety and comfort to fight for the ideals of peace and justice. We collectively pledge to support and defend them.

At Brown, Middlebury, and elsewhere student encampments have culminated not in police violence but with mutual commitments to ensure that college investments are not contributing to violence. It is in this spirit that we, the Faculty of Trinity College, call on the Board of Trustees, President and Dean of Faculty to continue to proactively engage in the dialogue that our students have initiated and to emphatically recognize the moral legitimacy of their actions and engage with them as equals. In particular we urge the administration to stand with the faculty in proactively supporting the following student demands:

  1. Disclose information pertaining to the Trinity endowment, and whether it is currently invested in companies producing weapons being used by Israel and other military powers;
  2. Arrange a student meeting with the Board of Trustees to discuss the next steps towards divestment, starting as soon as possible (but not later than the Fall trustee meeting); and we request that faculty representatives also be included in these important discussions;
  3. Protect students, faculty and staff free speech, ensuring no penalties for protesting genocide.


  1. Dr. Janet Bauer, Professor, Emeritus
  2. Dr. Isaac Kamola, Associate Professor
  3. Dr. Blase A. Provitola, Assistant Professor
  4. Dr. Christina Heatherton, Elting Associate Professor
  5. Dr. Doyle Calhoun, Assistant Professor
  6. Dr. Aidalí Aponte-Avilés, Senior Lecturer
  7. Shane Ewegen, Professor
  8. Dr. Maurice L. Wade, Professor, Emeritus
  9. Dr. Diana Aldrete, Assistant Professor
  10. Dr. Jacob Kripp, Visiting Assistant Professor
  11. Dr. Stefanie Wong, Assistant Professor
  12. Benjamin C. Carbonetti, Director Human Rights Program and Senior Lecturer in Human Rights
  13. Dr. Jordan T. Camp, Associate Professor
  14. Seth Markle, Associate Professor
  15. Alyson K. Spurgas, Associate Professor
  16. Shunyuan Zhang, Assistant Professor
  17. Dr. Alex Helberg, Visiting Assistant Professor
  18. Dr. James C. Staples, Visiting Assistant Professor
  19. Dr. Gabriel Salgado, Assistant Professor
  20. Dr. Nhat-Dang Do, Assistant Professor
  21. Dr. Mary Dudas, Senior Lecturer
  22. Davarian Baldwin, Professor
  23. Dr. Mareike Koertner, Associate Professor
  24. Shaznene Hussain, Visiting Assistant Professor
  25. Dr Garth Myers, Professor
  26. Zayde Antrim, Professor
  27. Hilary E. Wyss, Allan K. Smith and Gwendolyn Miles Smith Professor of English
  28. Keavy McFadden, Postdoctoral Fellow
  29. Dr. Brianna Halladay, Assistant Professor
  30. Thomas Wickman, Associate Professor
  31. Ibrahim Shikaki, Assistant Professor
  32. Rob Corber, William R Kenan Jr Professor of American Institutions and Values
  33. Dr. Teri Incampo, Visiting Assistant Professor
  34. Diana Paulin, Associate Professor
  35. Joshua King, Senior Lecturer
  36. Francisco Goldman, Allan K Smith Professor of Creative Writing and Literature
  37. Dr. Ricardo Gabriel, Visiting Assistant Professor
  38. Jane Nadel-Klein, Professor
  39. Dr Shoshana Goldstein, Visiting Assistant Professor
  40. Cheryl Greenberg, Paul E Raether Distinguished Professor of History, Emerita
  41. Dan Lloyd, Brownell Professor, Emeritus 
  42. Dr. Belén Fernández Milmanda, Assistant Professor 
  43. Hernan Flom, Visiting Assistant Professor 
  44. Juliet Nebolon, Assistant Professor 
  45. Johnny E. Williams, Professor of Sociology  
  46. Dr. Clark Alejandrino, Assistant Professor of History 
  47. Katherine Bergren, Associate Professor  
  48. Stefanie Chambers, Professor 
  49. Natassja B. Gunasena, Assistant Professor of International Studies
  50. Cristian Padilla Romero, Visiting Lecture in History
  51. Luis Martinez, Associate Professor of Neuroscience
  52. Raul Zelada, Assistant Professor
  53. Hasan Comert, Associate Professor
  54. Kifah Hanna, Associate Professor
  55. Prakash Younger, Associate Professor
  56. Jenny Wu, Visiting Assistant Professor
  57. Laura Humm Delgado, Assistant Professor
  58. Ethan Rutherford, Associate Prof / English
  59. Reo Matsuzaki, Associate Professor of Political Science
  60. Godfrey Simmons, Visiting Lecturer in Theater and Dance
  61. Rebecca Pappas, Assistant Professor
  62. Jeffrey Bayliss, Associate Professor of History
  63. Anna Terwiel, Assistant Professor
  64. Stephen Valocchi, Professor Emeritus
  65. Dan Douglas, Lecturer in Sociology
  66. Catina Bacote, Assistant Professor

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  1. 1
    Dr. K

    Come on Tripod team. This is not a “Trinity College Statement on Divestment from War and Protecting the Right to Peaceful Protest.” This is a statement from 66 faculty members, not the College. Your headline incorrectly leads readers to think this is an actual statement from the College itself. Really disappointing.

  2. 2

    What about your students who don’t support the protests and divestment? Have you thought about how they feel sitting in your classrooms? Don’t you care about them too?

  3. 3
    Jose Jimenez

    Yes, the title of the article is misleading, but so is the actual title of the letter. It shows “Faculty” capitalized, as if coming from the Faculty as a whole.
    And it doesn’t.
    There are over 200 full-time faculty at Trinity, and so far only 66 have signed (as of 5/11).

    The ideas and sentiments expressed in that letter do not represent those of the entire faculty.

    And about the statement: “We stand united with and for our students who engage in any and all forms of peaceful protest and civil disobedience.”

    No, you don’t.

    If a group of students stage a peaceful protest against trans athletes or Palestinian terrorists or illegal immigrants, you wouldn’t be supporting them. You would be criticizing them and asking the college administration to take action against those students.

    You would, of course, claim that you are trying to stop hate speech. But then you really are not supporting “any and all forms of peaceful protest and civil disobedience”, are you?

    You should then consider how some students and faculty feel when witnessing these campus protests and encampments, which from the start have fueled antisemitic, anti-Zionist, or anti-Israel narratives.

    Also: “…are thereby reminded of our own power and our responsibility to exercise that power with the utmost moral clarity and courage”

    Was that actually written by a professor?

  4. 4
    Todd Levine

    If the administration didn’t tell these idiots to stuff their ‘demands’ they’re complicit. If you don’t like teaching at Trinity, I’m sure Columbia has a home for you. You can let your feelings be heard with peaceful protest, that is your 1st amendment right. But don’t demand anything where your existence is a privilege, not a right. Also, you think these large corporations that are making weapons of war actually care about your meaningless ‘investments’? Trust me, they couldn’t care less. Go back to school and get a job. Stop holding your breath while you stomp your feet with your fingers in your ears. Nobody cares.

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