Senior Spotlight: Aidan Cavanaugh Reflects on His Four Years at Trinity Playing Rugby, in Green Life, and More

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Olivia Papp ’23

Managing Editor

Throughout his time at Trinity, Aidan Cavanaugh ’23 has been an active figure amongst the Trinity community. Cavanaugh works for the Sports Communication Department at Trinity, plays for the Rugby team, and has been involved with the Greek life organization, Alpha Delta Phi, since his sophomore year. Cavanaugh is a political science major at Trinity. He decided to major in political science because the topics of discussion were great, and he felt as though the major offered him an opportunity to sharpen his writing skills. 

Cavanaugh first decided to work for the Sports Communication Department at Trinity for a course credit last spring. The role has been a great fit for Cavanaugh, as he is a sports enthusiast. “I did office work such as updating statistics and records. Also, I work different games and sometimes I do write-ups for games and even write features stories for players. For example, I have recently written articles about players on the squash team, field hockey team, and baseball team. While I used to do this work for a course credit, now I do it as a student job and am loving it. The position has offered me the opportunity to meet more players and leaders on different sports teams. Before I became involved with the Sports Communication Department, I never went to sporting events at Trinity. Working for this department gets me to go to games and support my classmates,” said Cavanaugh. After working for this department, Cavanaugh is interested in pursuing a similar career following graduation. 

Cavanaugh decided to attend Trinity due to his familiarity with the college. “Both my parents went here. My Dad graduated in 1990 and my Mom graduated in 1991. As a family, we used to come to Trinity once or twice a year for homecoming years. I loved going to the football games as a kid. I’ve known Trinity and have been on campus many times throughout my childhood. A few hours before the deadline to commit, I decided to pick Trinity,” said Cavanaugh. 

Cavanaugh was naturally eager to join a Greek life organization, as his Dad was involved with Alpha Delta Phi during his time at Trinity. “My Dad inspired me to join Alpha Delta Phi. After freshman year, a few of my friends decided to transfer. During sophomore fall, when Covid was very prevalent, I didn’t have a ton of friends. I wanted to get to know more people, so I decided that getting involved with Greek life was a great way to do so. Within a few weeks of joining my fraternity, we all became very close. Being in Alpha Delta Phi made my Trinity experience significantly better because it opened an avenue for me to make many more connections with people that I know will be lifelong friends.”

Cavanaugh began to play rugby during his freshman year of high school. Since that time, Cavanaugh decided to involve himself with the rugby team at Trinity. As co-captain of the rugby team both his Junior and Senior years, Cavanaugh has helped to rebuild and restructure the team at Trinity. A club sport, the rugby team at Trinity practices twice a week during the Fall and hosts tournaments in the Spring. While the Fall season is more competitive, the Spring offers the rugby team a fun atmosphere. “This year, we went undefeated before the playoffs, meaning we had a 5-0 record. My freshman year, we only had about fifteen kids on the team. Now, we have about forty players and hosted the semi-final game,” said Cavanaugh. 

The rugby team has given Cavanaugh a few of his best memories at Trinity. “During spring weekend of my junior year, we had a rugby tournament. Even this year, we hosted New England Semi-Finals and played against Keene State College. All of my friends were there to support me, and my parents also made the trip to watch me play. Those were sweet memories,” Cavanaugh noted. 

As Cavanaugh departs from Trinity, his senior wisdom to fellow Trinity peers is this: “Be open to meeting new people and branching away from the people that you first meet when you arrive at Trinity. You could very well meet your best friends through taking a risk. Get involved in sports teams, Greek life organizations, acapella, and become friends with a bunch of different people,” he said. 

In addition, Cavanaugh wants to stress the importance of becoming involved with the Career Center at Trinity. “The Career Center at Trinity helped me attain my internships, sharpen up my resume, and allowed me to talk to Trinity alumni through the Bantam Career Network,” he said. 

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