Senior Spotlight: Connor Recck ’23 as Orientation Chair and Student in Public Policy & Law Department

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Olivia Papp ’23
Managing Editor

Connor Recck ’23 is a senior at Trinity this year. An economics and public policy and law double major, Recck has made the most of his academic career at Trinity while also being an active and reputable member of the Trinity community. For both his freshman and sophomore years, Recck was on the Varsity Swim Team. Additionally, he spent his time lifeguarding and working for the Student Democrats. In the Student Democrats club, he helped organize democratic speakers to come to campus.

Recck also became involved with the Orientation Leaders at Trinity, “I knew I wanted to be an Orientation Leader when I was a freshman because it was a unique way to meet and interact with new people. I love guiding freshmen for the first few days they are here.”

At some point, an email came out about becoming the Orientation Chair. Recck applied for the role and got the position. He had many ideas for what he wanted the orientation-leading experience to become.
“I wanted to make structural changes to the way orientation happens. When I was an Orientation Leader the first time around, I felt there was a lot I did not know going into being an Orientation Leader. I was able to integrate an extensive leadership training program into the orientation training process when I became chair. It was beneficial for the Orientation Leaders to have an extensive leadership training program. Now, the training is five days. This year, we were able to go off campus and do team-building activities. We also had proper time to train and learn about Title IX, the counseling center, different academic resources, and residential life. All aspects of Trinity that a freshman needs to know about, we learned,” Recck reflected.

Recck had many reasons for wanting to attend Trinity College. As soon as he was enveloped in the community, he knew he had found the right school.

“I came to Trinity on a training trip my senior year of high school with my high school swim team for an overnight. I was able to be here for a day and a half. I went to classes, met the team, and interacted with them. We got to practice with the team, go to Mather dining hall, and see all the different dorms. I remember one of my first impressions was loving the architecture of the Long Walk. I loved the historic and small vibe of the campus. I knew I wanted to go to a small liberal arts school in Connecticut. I wanted to make a community, and I found it here,” said Recck.

When reflecting on his favorite aspect of Trinity, Recck said that “the relationships I have been able to create and maintain over my years has been my favorite part. Some of my best friends are here. I know these relationships will go well beyond Trinity.”

In addition to the friendships Recck has cultivated over the years, he also says one of his favorite parts of Trinity has been the Public Policy and Law Department. “The public policy and law professors have been great. They are all very intelligent and have great ideas. These classes have been my favorite classes to participate in. Professor Fulco has played such an integral part of my Trinity experience, as she helped and guided me to choose my academic path.”

When Recck first came to Trinity, he expected to major in English. “I took an English class in the fall of my freshman year, and I realized it was not for me. I knew that I wanted to pursue a career in government or law, but once the pandemic hit, I began to do research online about the different majors being offered. Once I learned about the Public Policy and Law Department, I reached out to Professor Fulco to set up a meeting with her.”

Recck spoke on the importance of reaching out to professors, as these conversations can have a significant impact on academic careers.

“When I met with Professor Fulco, she made the major sound interesting. That sophomore fall, I came back and took a few public policy and law classes. I fell in love with the major. It was a passion I didn’t know I had.”

Recck reflected on his experience at Trinity and said, “if I had to give advice to the other classes, it would be to take the first semester of college seriously because it is the foundation of your academic career. Be open-minded about meeting new people you wouldn’t expect to meet. I’ve met so many people that I had never expected to become friends with since the first day of school freshman year.”
Recck is most excited to write a thesis this year focused on economic policy during the recessions after the year 2000. He will be investigating how economic policy impacted income dynamics and social-economic mobility.

Recck is also eager to soak in every single last memory before he graduates. “While my time here will soon be coming to a close, I am also grateful for everything Trinity has offered me, and I am excited to see what the future has in store for me,” he said.

Next year, Recck looks forward to working in lobbying or for a think tank that does private research with a public policy focus. Recck is still trying to figure out how to incorporate aspects of his majors into his career.

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