Senior Spotlight: Ren Logan

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Abbey O’Leary ’24

Features Editor

Ren Logan ’24, majors in Theater and Dance and has dedicated his work to the arts. However, he has extended himself beyond his academics and has been on the Trinity track team for four years. He spoke in an interview with the Tripod. about balancing such differing interests and noted the personal growth such a layered college experience has provided.

Logan’s interest in theater began in third grade when he signed up for Shakespeare Club unbeknownst to his parents. At the age of nine, he was given the opportunity to play MacBeth. It was through this early experience that Logan fell in love with theater. However, in following years, Logan focused on dance, not acting again until eighth grade when he participated in his school musical. As a freshman in high school, Logan saw “The Color Purple” on Broadway and decided to pursue a career in theater. Logan said simply, “I enjoyed being on the stage and being around people who had so much joy.”

In the fall semester of 2023, Logan participated in the La MaMa program in New York City. Realizing his goal of living in New York City and working with artistic professionals, Logan claimed that “it was a dream come true in many ways.” It was also during this time that Logan began his thesis project. Inspired by fairy tales, Logan hoped to create his own poetic fairy tale. However, while at La Mama, he changed course. Surrounded by extensive resources, Logan wrote a show incorporating his interest in the philosophical works of Jean-Paul Sartre and the theory that hell is made of other people, giving it voice with a “feverdreamish type of energy.” “Virtuoso” was born and, ove two semesters, Logan has written, composed and produced the production. His musical influence is fascinating, drawing inspiration from Stephen Sondheim and SZA. He claims “they are two of the best artists lyrically” and has attempted to “get into their brains a little bit.” Despite the overwhelming commitment, Logan said that the entire experience “has been such a treat.”

Beyond theater, Logan has run track since seventh grade. He said that balancing athletics and academics has been one of his greatest challenges yet. This effort was truly impactful, highlighting the value of compartmentalization. He stated, “It carries a lot of weight when you carry one thing to the next.” Despite the challenge of remaining present, Logan attributes his work ethic to athletics, stating, “Athletics has helped me overcome those tough days and handle the adversity.”

Concluding his time at Trinity, Logan looks forward to graduate school at the California Institute of the Arts where he will study Film and Theater Performance and expressed his desire to continue uncovering new interests and growing individually. When reflecting upon the past four years, Logan said, “I am glad I made the choice to come to Trinity because it has really shown me who I am,” and dedicated his special thanks to his track family, theater family, and friends Enzi Teacher and Dahlia Galante, who have grounded him throughout his journey.

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