Special Snow Day Feature: Students Take Advantage of Inclement Weather Upon Returning to Campus

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Katie Creulle ’22

Features Editor

Snow days at Trinity are always particularly special. The trees on the quad collect snow on their many branches, the lights that illuminate the Long Walk glint as flurries pass by. Students always seem more relaxed, their worries and fears fall with the snow. There are a lot of fun activities to do on Trinity’s campus during a snow day, but this February blizzard was more joyous than usual.  

This storm had a perfect combination of elements: 6-8 inches of consistent snowfall, moderately cold temperatures, and a gentle breeze. This allowed for students to be outside without being buried, freezing, and blinded by snow. Another highly important point is that school was not in session yet, meaning students had no classes, no work, and no responsibilities. This lovely combination led to some very fun activities and even better photos.  

A few Trinity seniors took this opportunity to practice their skiing and snowboarding skills right on Trinity’s campus. The group creatively tied a rope to the back of one member’s flatbed truck and pulled two people up and down the street. The rope had two handles on the end, so it was perfect for duo ticks and choreographed routines.  

Another group of students took their skates to a local pond and played a little pick up hockey. Trinity’s hockey rink is fun and all, but nothing can beat getting outside and skating on some real ice. This seems pretty scary to me, but these girls seemed to really enjoy it.  

We are blessed on this campus to have some killer sledding hills. A few Trinity students, including Summer Dow ’22, took to the hills. Using dining trays, cardboard, or anything they could find, they did their best to get the most speed.  

“The dining trays ended up being the best for speed because they are flat and sturdy,” Dow added.  

They even added a few jumps to really get the most bang for their buck. 

“Building the jumps took a very long time, and usually collapsed on the first run, but they were still really fun to create,” Dow concluded.  

If outdoor activities aren’t your thing, a lot of students stayed indoors and watched through the window and enjoyed the relaxing views. Maddie Shapiro ’22 and Kendall Alexander ’22, Trinity Seniors, spent their snow day baking and reading some great books.  

“We really love to relax and enjoy the day,” Shapiro mentioned. 

Alexander added, “It was so relaxing and it’s such a change of pace coming from California where it was 60 degrees every day. I could light a candle, lie in bed, and just relax. It was just, cozy” 

Even though this storm was quite fun for students on campus, some students had to stay home for an extra day, myself included. My home got buried with just under two feet of snow, and with the help of some nice neighbors, we got my car out and ready to hit the road early on Sunday morning, just in time for classes.  

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