Student Job Spotlight: Marina Pappas '19

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The Tripod sat down with Marina Pappas ’19  who is a Career Development Center Fellow that has been working to help make the first year of the Catalyst Leadership Corps become a success.
TT: What is the Catalyst Leadership Corps program?
MP: The Catalyst Leadership Corps is a program for first-years that focuses on growing leadership skills through workshops with distinguished members of the Trinity community and leaders in Hartford. The Corps members will also get real world experience with assigned internships in their second semester. The school received a generous donation from an alumnus who wants to increase the retention rate of the school. The goal of this program is to improve leadership skills while allowing students to bond with Trinity, Hartford, and their fellow Corps members.
TT: How many first-years are in the Corps?
MP: There are 28 first years participating in the program this year.
TT: How were the participants chosen?
MP: One hundred nineteen first years were given the opportunity to participate in the program. They were all Presidential Scholars, Posse Scholars, or members of other programs on campus.
TT: As a fellow, what is your job in this program?
MP: I take the Corps members on bonding trips and act as a mentor.
TT: What has been your favorite activity so far?
MP: A group of us went on a bike tour of Hartford. It was a great experience where we were able to see the city — the good and the bad — as well as stop for some delicious food.
TT: What future plans do you have for the program?
MP: As for the future, we at the CDC hope for this selective program to become well known and recognized as another great opportunity for Trinity students. The goal is provide students with the information and support they need to feel happy and comfortable in their new college environment.

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