Student-Lead Discussions Kick Off Black History Month

Throughout the month of February, students and faculty are holding events across the campus to celebrate Black History Month. The celebrations began on Jan. 31 with an opening dinner where this year’s theme was unveiled: Re-Imagining Blackness 365. On Tuesday, Feb. 6, the Trinity College Black Women’s Organization (TCBWO) and Encouraging Respect of Sexualities (EROS) held two events, a Black and Queer panel and “Breaking the Silence.” Topics discussed includ-ed the intersectionality of being Black and queer, the contentious “dramatic dialogue” play that was presented to incoming first-years during orientation which used racial slurs to trigger a discussion about race, the destruction of EROS’s LGBTQ+ flag and a student’s Dominican flag last semester, as well as ways to make Trinity more accepting and unified for all students.
On Wednesday, Feb. 7, students gathered in the Umoja house to discuss Colorism. Students discussed the impact of Colorism in their personal lives, in situations they have experienced on campus, in cultures across the world, and in the media. Students discussed specific stigmas and stereotypes related to interracial relationships on campus, the role of Colorism concerning athletes on campus, and the role the education system plays in perpetuating Colorism and its potential to eliminate it.
The following are the upcoming events celebrating Black History Month: I’m Not Racist – video screening and discussion facilitated by Professor Johnny Williams on Feb. 13 during common hour in the McCook Auditorium, Love, Sex, and Relationships – Black Edition on Feb. 13 at 5pm in Mather Hall, Terrace Room C, Love Jones: Valentine Blues on Feb. 14 at 6 pm in Hamlin Hall, Minorities in STEM on Feb. 15 during common hour in Mather Hall, Terrace Rooms A, B, and C, and a screening of Malcom X on Feb. 16 at 7pm in the Prayer Room in Summit South 100. Black Expo on Feb. 21 at 5pm in Mather Hall, Washington Room, Roll Bounce Evening on Feb. 22 at 7pm in Mather Hall, Washington Room, CHAS Conference: “Reclaiming Our Time: From the Margin to the Center,” Feb. 25-28, Panel on Human Trafficking: Modern Era Slavery in Libya on Feb. 27 during Common Hour in Boyer Auditorium, ESPN writer and commentator Jemele Hill on March 1 during common hour in Mather Hall, Washington Room, and the closing Black History Month dinner with Keynote Address by Elle Hearns on March 1 at 5pm in Mather Hall, Washington Room.

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