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Molly Repoza ’25

Contributing Writer

I have never written for the Tripod before, and I was unsure about what to write; you know, what people actually want to read and what is going to grab their attention. And to be quite honest and frank with you, I sat there for a very long time thinking of something to write. Any idea that I had was quickly discredited by my own mind, and I let the thought slip away and attempted to think of something else. 

However, the one thought that stuck—the one that didn’t slip away—was my thought of this Tuesday. Tuesday was a beautiful day, a truly beautiful day, the kind that you think about while you’re cooped up writing a paper when it’s cold and pouring outside. The kind of day that you dream about as you sludge your way home from class in the middle of January. The kind of day that you romanticize about in journal entries and rave about to your mother on the phone. The kind of day where you truly feel twenty, young and free, like there are no responsibilities in the world. A day that you will miss when you’re no longer twenty and reflect upon at forty. 

Tuesday was truly a beautiful day, and I think it is beautiful in ways other than the weather and the fact that we could finally pull our shorts out of the drawer. It was beautiful in the sense that we all came together. In a world with so much hate and so much perceived difference, we all came together to enjoy the sunshine and to enjoy being in college. We all congregated on the same grassy spot in front of the chapel. We all felt the same rays of sun. We all heard the same laughter and the same screams of joy. We all heard the same country music, the same pop songs, the same rap beats all blending together into one beautiful, continuous song. 

For once in our lives, we all came together: people with people. All enjoying the same beautiful day and the same beautiful experiences. 

This is something that we should do on the cold and gray days, not just on the days where the sun is shining and the air is warm. We need to be people with people, and to always come together as we did on that beautiful day. And this is as simple and as easy as holding doors open for one another. It is as simple as offering a smile to someone who appears upset. It’s as simple as complimenting the color of someone’s sweater or noticing a friend’s new jeans. Offer kindness to one another. Be kind to one another. Love others as you love yourself, and attempt to make the day of those who are around you better—and this can be so simply done. 

So when I was thinking of something to write for this paper, I certainly did not expect to write this; however, I am glad that I did. I know it isn’t a current news event or something that has happened here at Trinity, but I wanted to take the time to write about something that I noticed here. I wanted to take the time to not only write about the beautiful day that we all got to experience on Tuesday, but to take away something important from that. 

Everyday can be as beautiful as it was on Tuesday. We just need to make it that way.

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