The History Behind Modern April Fools’ Day Pranks

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Julia Pecora ’25

Staff Writer

On the first day of April, people around the world celebrate an old holiday, and quite possibly one of the most entertaining days of the year, April Fools’ Day. This lighthearted holiday is celebrated annually on the first day of April and is a time when people can play pranks on each other without any real consequences.

The origins of April Fools’ Day are somewhat murky, but it is believed to have started in France in the 16th century. Historians theorize that it first started when France replaced the Julian calendar to the Gregorian. In the Julian calendar, the new year would commence on April 1. It is believed the holiday formed from a recognition of this old holiday. It was traditionally a day when people would exchange small gifts, but, over time, it evolved into a day of pranks and practical jokes.

Many people enjoy playing tricks on their friends and family members on April Fools’ Day. Popular pranks include things like putting salt in the sugar bowl, switching the contents of shampoo and conditioner bottles, and hiding someone’s belongings. While these pranks are meant to be harmless and funny, it is important to make sure that they stay that way and refrain from causing any damage or hurting anyone.

In recent years, April Fools’ Day has also become a popular time for companies to release fake news stories and products. For example, in 2019, Google announced that they had developed a tool that would allow users to smell their search results. While obviously not true, these kinds of pranks can be a fun way for companies to engage with their customers and showcase their sense of humor. Additionally, social media has become a popular platform for April Fools’ Day pranks. Companies and brands promote their fake products through social media announcements, promoting products such as the Google “Smell-O-Vision” feature or Taco Bell’s “Quesalupa Shake.” These pranks sometimes go viral and generate a lot of buzz as people share them with their friends and followers.

As with any holiday, it is important to remember to celebrate April Fools’ Day in a safe and responsible manner. While pranks can be fun, it is crucial to make sure that they don’t cause any harm or upset anyone. So, when thinking of ideas for April Fools’ Day, remember to keep it lighthearted and enjoy the fun and laughter that comes with this long celebrated tradition.

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