Trinity in Paris: Abroad Insights from Jenny Cook ’18

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Amanda Muccio ’18
Features Editor
The Tripod sat down with Jenny Cook ’18, a student who is currently studying abroad through the Trinity in Paris program.
TT: Why did you choose the Trinity in Paris program?
JC: I visited Paris my senior year of high school and knew that I had to go back. I am in love with the French culture and the city. It’s so beautiful I had to come back! I also really wanted to learn French and there’s no better way to do so than immersing yourself in it everyday by interacting and communicating with the French.
TT: How has your experience in Paris been thus far?
JC: I am loving Paris and traveling around Europe. Paris is such a beautiful city that you can wonder to any part and come across incredible architecture. I am trying to immerse myself into the French culture whenever I can.
TT: What classes are you taking through your program?
JC: I am taking French 101, Photographing Paris, Exotic Fares, and Drawing
TT: Are you able to take courses towards your major/minor?
JC: Yes, I was able to design my own course as an independent study for Studio Arts. The drawing course is designed specifically for me and I have so much personal time with my professor! Half of the classes I spend working one on one with my professor in the studio and the other half visiting museums and drawing out in Paris! My project in my class is to create a travel journal so I bring my notebook everywhere I go, in Paris or around Europe, and draw the architecture, landscapes, etc.
TT: Do you have plans to travel to other countries while you’re abroad? If so, where?
JC: I have traveled to Loire Valley, France, Champagne, France, Cassis, France, Versailles, France, Copenhagen, Denmark, London, England, and am planning on traveling to Prague, Barcelona, Amsterdam, Berlin and Switzerland!
TT: Tell us about the food in Paris!
JC: The food is incredible, the French have perfected it’s their meal culture throughout its history and is so deep rooted that it is evident anywhere you go! You can go anywhere, whether it’s a bakery, cafe or a Michelin star restaurant and get an amazing meal. The food is what I am going to miss most when I get home!
TT: What are your favorite spots in and around Paris (i.e. restaurants, museums, stores, bars, etc.)?
JC: There are too many to write but here are some of my favorites!
In terms of restaurants: Ferdi, Candelaria, Chez Julian, Spring, Wild and the Moon, Oatmeal Parks, Obdali, Eggs&co, Loulous, Chez janou, Cafe oberkampf, Boca verto, Freddy’s, Holybelly, Paperboy, Paris, Chez monsieur, Chez Denise, Lilly Wang, chreche midi, Aupassage, and Petite marche. Some of my favorite museums include (but are not limited to): Lourve, Pompidou, and Rodin. There are so many little boutiques around campus that are French. There are also so many shops and boutiques in the marais. And of course if you want to shop designer, Avenue, off of the Champs, has any designer brand you can think of, as well as Bon marche and galleries Lafayette. If you’re looking to experience the night-life in Paris, definitely check out Mix club, Prescription and Wanderlust. My favorite gyms are Health City and “LET’S RIDE!”
TT: If you could give other students planning to study abroad any advice, what would you tell them?
JC: I would tell them to travel as often as you can. Paris is so central that it is easy and cheap to get anywhere you want to go! That being said, I would also say to reserve a few weekends at your home base as well because you’ll want to walk around and spend time in your respective city on the weekends! Whenever you have free time, try to go out and explore the city. Also, do your best to adapt to, and accept, other countries cultures. You’re traveling to their home and should try to learn and take advantage of it while you’re there!

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