Trinity Pre-Law Society Hosts Panel With Alumni To Discuss Law School Experiences

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Jack P. Carroll ’24

News Editor

On Wednesday, Dec. 2, the Trinity College Pre-Law Society met via Zoom with alumni who are current law students to discuss their undergraduate years at Trinity and law school experiences.

The Pre-Law Society and current students and faculty members in attendance were joined by the following Trinity graduates: Christina Claxton ’16, who attends Vanderbilt Law School, Joshua Frank ’16, who attends the University of California, Berkeley, School of Law, and Margaret Elias ’17, who attends the University of Pennsylvania Carey Law School.

In the beginning of the discussion, the alumni touched upon a variety of topics related to their undergraduate years including their decision to attend Trinity, fields of study, memorable coursework, and extracurriculars.

When reflecting upon her decision to attend Trinity, Claxton, a former Public Policy and Law major and member of the Trinitones, remembered wanting “access to a close-knit community and access to professors.” Similarly, Elias, who was also a Public Policy and Law major and the Editor-in-Chief of the Tripod, noted that she wanted to “build relationships with professors” and have the opportunity to get to “know everyone on campus.” In addition to the “small campus” environment, Frank, who studied Political Science and served in the Student Government Association, took interest in the college’s “legal internship program” in Hartford.

While discussing their coursework, all the guest speakers expressed support for the Law, Argument, and Public Policy course offered through the Public Policy and Law department. Claxton explained that students are able to “read cases and write briefs” in the course. Also, Claxton spoke highly of the “oral argument” component of the course which, she suggested, can help students prepare for “cold calls” or on-the-spot speaking that she indicated characterizes the law school experience.

When later discussing their experiences in law school, the guest speakers encouraged current undergraduate and prospective law students to apply to law school when they feel as though they are ready and best prepared. Prior to attending law school, Elias noted that she interned for an immigration law firm and the Governor’s office in Hartford. Also, Elias added that she worked at a corporate law firm in New York.

In addition to encouraging students to thoroughly study for the LSAT and to continue to prioritize their grades, the panelists encouraged students, once they are in law school, to reserve some time for themselves to de-stress and participate in clubs and activities that they enjoy. When discussing his ongoing experience at UC Berkeley, Frank noted that being able to reach out to a network of friends has helped support him through the stresses of law school.

Jack P. Carroll ’24 sits on the Executive Board of the Trinity College Pre-Law Society and moderated the Trinity alumni/law school panel.

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