Trinity’s Accidentals is About More than the Music

There is some thing to be said for being involved in multiple extra curricular activities around campus. It shows that the individual is able to multitask at a high level while studying for classes, demonstrating an ability to manage time effectively.
However, some clubs at Trinity College are more selective than others and require a very specific skill set and a certain level of devotion and commitment.
I am the newest freshman member of the Accidentals, which is Trinity’s only all male a capella group. For readers who may not know, a capella is similar to what a choir would sound like, except the group’s members are smiling and dancing rather than standing at attention. The most fun and unique part about a capella that all of the sounds in a performance come from the singers mouths; there are no instruments!
Joining the Accidentals is a serious commitment, as we practice five days a week. However this tough schedule is not met without reward, as we are considered by some to be the best group on campus. The group performs about once every several weeks in the main chapel room or the crypt. We have performed three times this year, most recently for Halloween weekend in the crypt. Our next performance is this coming weekend in the chapel for homecoming.
In order to be selected for the group, an applicant must go through a lengthy auditioning process. After signing up at the club fair during the beginning of every semester, there are tryouts. Applicants will sing a song in front of the entire group and be asked to showcase their range via matching a scale played on the piano by the musical director, Timothy McDermott. If you are called back for the next stage of the process, roughly half the size of the people who tried out will remain. This time, you will be asked to sing with the group to see how well you will blend in. For me, this was especially tricky because they made me sing a song I was completely unfamiliar with. At this point, the number of applicants that the process began with has shrunk to one or two. After a unanimous group vote for the new members, a text shows up on your phone. You’re in or you’re out. Congratulations or better luck next time.
The Accidentals is about more than just music. It’s about a brotherhood. Even though I have only been a member for a couple of months, I feel strongly that my fellow members will be some of the closest friends I will have throughout college, like the group’s other newest member, Kevin Mallon. I am very glad to have joined this amazing group. We will be performing at Homecoming starting at 9:30.

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