TV Show Recap: This Sunday’s Euphoria Episode

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Bailey McKeon ’22

Features Editor

This past Sunday’s new Euphoria episode brought a lot of answers to viewers’ pressing questions. 

Rue, now home, undergoes withdrawals as she attempts to get clean for a second time. Again, the audience is struck with sympathy for Rue, although Ali, her sponsor, voices to her family that it’s more than appropriate to be tough on Rue–she’s hurt the ones she loves. The show continues to depict the dark side of addiction while also illuminating the power of forgiveness.  

Kat finally cuts it off with her boyfriend, although she does so in perhaps the worst, but somewhat hilarious, way. In a scene full of gaslighting and manipulation, Kat confesses to her boyfriend that she has a terminal brain illness (which she doesn’t) in order to end the relationship. Free of commitment, she can now help console Maddy, who faces a decision in addressing the situation with, and her anger and hurt surrounding, Cassie and Nate.  

Cal Jacobs is now gone, which left Nate and his mom surprisingly happy. Nate, thinking about the future of his dad’s business, which he will inherit, tracks down the tape of his father and Jules in order to save his dad’s reputation. In a breathtaking, anxiety-inducing, terrifying scene, Nate threatens Maddy with a gun to influence her to return the tape to him. Putting the gun to both her forehead and his own head, Nate succeeds and Maddy is left traumatized.  

Surprisingly, Nate brings the tape to Jules’ house. While Jules is bewildered by the tape, perhaps the audience is more bewildered by the foreshadowing of a potential romance between the two.  

Cassie, entirely unhinged, leaves to stay with Nate after terrorizing her own house and family. Perhaps some audience members feel sympathy for Cassie, while others believe she made her bed and now must lie in it.  

Feasibly the most uplifting occurrence of the episode was watching the sweet budding romance between Fez and Lexi. We want them to kiss! In the preview for the next episode, we will see Lexi’s play, and the characters’ reaction to it, which Lexi confesses to Fez she truly fears. What may get in the way of their love story, however, is Fez’s drug business and the police. Faye’s boyfriend admits to her that he is cooperating with the cops to help them find Mouse’s killer, which puts in danger both Fez and his little brother Ashtray.  

The audience is still waiting on the edge of their seats to see what happens between Lori and Rue. There was speculation after last week’s episode that Lori, who did not appear in this week’s episode, runs a sex trafficking ring in addition to her drug business. We don’t know what’s in store for Rue as she attempts to get clean.  

Catch season 2 episode 7 of Euphoria next Sunday at 9 p.m. on HBO.  

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