An Inspiring Event for All: Complete Night of Worship Interview

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Following the Night of Worship event, News Editor Caitlin Doherty ’26 interviewed attendee Tiara Ogunsanya ’25. Below is the transcribed interaction.

Caitlin: “Why is this event important to you and why did you want to participate?”

Tiara: “Night of Worship was something started by the past President of FIST a few years ago, and it’s just a great space to come on campus and worship God together. I think this space invites people who aren’t officially in FIST, which is nice, and FIST is a non-denominational Christian group on campus, so for people who are kinda interested in faith, trying to see how their faith aligns while being on a college campus, Night of Worship offers the perfect opportunity for that—and just worshiping God, praying, hearing other students’ testimonies is a great opportunity to just meet other Christians on campus and come together under Christ.”

C: “Was there anything in this event that stood out to you?”

T: “Oh yeah! I think one of my favorite aspects of worship is testimonies so you can see how people persevere through the trials and tribulations they face in their life. I think it’s also acknowledging to students that it’s hard out here with classes and extracurriculars and stuff, so here people sharing about how God got them through those situations is really inspiring—that’s why I like this event. Also, [I like this event because of] the worship music and the gospel music that was sung. Gospel music, especially, has deep roots in Black history, so also being able to share those gospel songs and music with other people is amazing.”

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