Barnyard Disco Night draws huge crowd

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On Friday, Feb. 12, Barnyard Entertainment Committee partnered with The Student Activities, Involvement & Leadership (S.A.I.L.) to host Trinity’s first ever Roller Disco. The Disco was hosted in the Washington Room of Mather hall. Over 100 students attended the event. As a result, all the roller skates were rented out within the first fifteen minutes.

The Roller Disco lasted from 10 pm to 1:30am and consisted of a large indoor roller rink complete with a funky vibe created by a large variety of music ranging from the Boogie Age to Beyoncé. “I haven’t roller skated since I was a kid, and it was just as fun as I remembered it,” said Marina Pappas ’19.

To further the vintage vibe, a big screen above the stage displayed current music videos and roller-skating footage from the seventies. Also, while students were taking breaks or waiting for a turn with the skates, they could sit around the perimeter in bean bag chairs or partake in the photo booth outside the room. They could also eat throwback foods from the snack bar such as ring pops, fruit rollups and Capri Suns, and a midnight snack consisting of donuts and Yoohoo chocolate milk.

The idea for Roller Disco was born when S.A.I.L. found contact information from the Mobil Roller Disco Company and Assistant Director of S.A.I.L. and Barnyard faculty sponsor, Sarah Lucas, brought the information to Barnyard. “I jumped on this opportunity because I have a personal affinity for ‘70s’ and disco music,” said President of Barnyard, Rosie Carroll ’16.  Last year, Carroll had tried to get her friends to go roller skating in Vernon, CT, but the distance was too far. As a result, “I figured I would bring the Roller Disco to us! It diversifies the types of events Barnyard puts on and I got to check it off my personal bucket list,” said Carroll.

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