Bucknell Students Break into Cleo of AX

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A male student from Bucknell University in Lewisberg, Pennsylvania broke into the Cleo of AX fraternity house on Vernon Street last Saturday, Jan. 27. The same student and an unidentified accomplice of roughly the same age were seen entering illicitly at another fraternity on campus the prior evening.
According to Brielle Jones ’20, a member of Cleo, the suspect forced his way into the house through a window into the basement. The suspect was found at the bar on the ground floor by another member of Cleo, former president Caroline Manns ’18, who came downstairs after having heard a “weird noise.” Ms. Manns proceeded to question the stranger about how he had entered and why he was there. The suspect claimed that “his friend who lived there let him in” and “continued to remain evasive.” However, Ms. Manns did not recognize the name given and realized that he “certainly was not in Cleo.”

Thereafter, she searched the house to determine if other intruders were present. Ms. Manns knew nothing about where he was from or how he had gotten in. Before Ms. Manns could ask further questions, she saw the suspect exit and walk outside to meet another male individual. Following him onto Vernon Street, Ms. Manns then confronted both individuals about their identities and their presence in the fraternity house before. Ms. Manns reported that in the group she saw the suspect who broke into the house and the individual who he met up with outside of the house.
Ms. Manns attempted to ascertain the identity of the suspects following the break-in. Ms. Manns later spoke with a friend and determined that another incident with similar individuals had occurred at a different fraternity Friday night. Ms. Manns identified that fraternity as Psi U. Ms. Manns also determined that “they were students from Bucknell.”
Members of Psi U declined to comment on the break-in that was alleged to have occurred at their fraternity house on Friday.
A report has been filed with Campus Safety. Director of Campus Life Initiatives and Social Houses Kathryn Wojcik has also contacted the Director of Greek Life at Bucknell regarding the incident.

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